Front Page Coverage of the Vice Presidential Debate

Below is a summary of how the vice presidential debate was covered on the front pages of ten of the top U.S. newspapers (according to Burrelles Luce).  The newspapers were viewed the Newseum Today's Front Pages website (+). 


The Wall Street Journal
"Sharp Jabs Dominate Combative VP Debate" - Carol E. Lee, Laura Meckler and Colleen McCain Nelson

2 MCU shots side by side: Biden pointing, Ryan gesturing with his hand - Eric Gay/Associated Press

USA Today
"Biden and Ryan turn up the heat: Candidates clash over economy and terrorism" - Richard Wolf

MW shot of Biden and Ryan seated at the debate table; Biden is gesturing and Ryan is looking on - Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

New York Times
"Biden and Ryan Quarrel Aggressively in Debate, Offering Contrasts" - Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg
News Analysis: "The Fire This Time" - Jonathan Weisman

MW shot of Biden and Ryan seated at the table, Biden smiling broadly; can also see the fingertips of the moderator - John Gress/Reuters

Los Angeles Times

"Ready for Battle" teaser below photo refers to Election 2012, AA1

MW shot from back of stage, Ryan and Biden about to shake hands before the debate, members of the audience in the background - Michael Reynolds, Associated Press

Daily News (New York)

Main story is UH-O, Yanks fall to Orioles...
"Smiling' Joe Bites Back" teaser strip above the baseball photo.
Full Debate Coverage - Pages 4-5

Tabloid: Baseball photo dominant.  Teaser strip has headshots of Biden and Ryan - nc

San Jose Mercury News

Front page dominated by baseball photos and stories (Giants, A's)
"Candidates clash early and don't let up" - David Espo and Matthew Daly, Associated Press

Photo run quite small; MCU of Biden and Romney standing and gesturing after the debate - Michael Reynolds, AP/ Pool

New York Post  Split front page.  "For the Birds" baseball story/photo on the left.
Bold headline "Vote for Joe" on the right; subhead "Preening VP shows O how to debate" teaser...  Full Coverage: Pages 4-5

TabloidMCU head and shoulders cut-out of Joe Biden -nc

Washington Post  "Biden and Ryan pull no punches: Trading Jabs on Taxes, Foreign Policy" - Dan Balz and Philip Rucker

Dominant image is from the Washington Nationals baseball game. 

Smaller image, MCU head and shoulders shot of Ryan and Biden
(according to caption shaking hands after the debate), a few members of the audience blurry in background - Michael Reynolds/Associated Press

Chicago Sun-Times

Dominant story "Why Brizard Had to Go"
"Biden Bites Into Ryan: VP goes where Obama couldn't in attack-dog role at debate" teaser...  Chicago's Best Campaign Coverage 10-12

Tabloid(Rahm Emanuel and schools chief Brizard)
no debate photo

Chicago Tribune
"Attacks fast, furious as Biden, Ryan spar"
"Biden: President leads with 'steady hand and clear vision'"
"Ryan: Country going in wrong direction under Obama"
- Michael Finnegan and Alana Semuels, Tribune Newspapers

MW shot shows Biden (gesturing with index finger), moderator Marth Raddatz (from the back) and Ryan (speaking and gesturing) - Saul Loeb/Getty-AFP Photo