Front Page Coverage of the Third Presidential Debate

Below is a summary of how the final presidential debate was covered on the front pages of ten of the top U.S. newspapers (according to Burrelles Luce).  The newspapers were viewed the Newseum Today's Front Pages website (+). 


The Wall Street Journal
"Rivals Duel in Final Face-Off" - Carol E. Lee, Janet Hook and Julian E. Barnes

2 CU head shots cropped with strong horizontal aspect run one above the other, each with quote
Obama on top  - Eric Gay/Associated Press
Romney below - Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

USA Today
"Rivals duel over global leadership" - Richard Wolf and David Jackson

MW shot of Romney and Obama seated at the debate table; shot from the side; both are looking at the moderator who is cropped out or not included in the image - Pool Photo

New York Times
"Obama and Romney Bristle From Start Over Foreign Policy" - Peter Baker and Helene Cooper
The TV Watch: "Role Reversal Gives President Harder Line, and Punch Lines" - Alessandra Stanley

MW shot of Romney, Obama and Schieffer seated at the table, all three are gesturing - Richard Perry/The New York Times

Los Angeles Times

"Parting shots for final stretch" - David Lauter and Christi Parsons
News Analysis: "No rest for the weary" - Paul West

MW shot from back of stage during the debate, Romney and Obama seated at the table speaking and gesturing, and between them Schieffer, back to camera - Jim Lo Scalzo, European Pressphoto Agency
Schieffer speaking to the audience before the debate - Win McNamee, Pool Photo

Daily News (New York)

Main story is RFK Jr. Sells Mary Suicide House...
"Gotcha, Mitt!" teaser strip above.
Full Debate Coverage - Pages 4,5,6,7

Tabloid: Other story dominant.  Teaser strip has medium shot of the two candidates seated at the table (which is not shown) - Getty

San Jose Mercury News

Front page dominated by baseball photos and stories (Giants capture N.L. title)
"Barbs aside, similarities rise to surface" - Peter Baker and Helene Cooper, New York Times

Basebal photos dominate
Head shots of the two candidates;
- Jewel Samad/AFP via Getty Images
Obama - Marc Serota/Getty Images

New York Post  Split front page.  "Pimp Pop!" story/photo dominate on the left.
"Obama scores hollow debate victory" on the right; Goodwin: Pages 8 & 9

TabloidMCU head shots of Obama and Romney - nc

Washington Post  "Obama has edge in faceoff over foreign affairs" - Dan Balz and David Nakamura
"In last tangle, differences less stark" - Scott Wilson

Curious layout using six CU headshots in two columns of three (three Obama shots on the left and three Romney shots on the right).  Obama - Jewel Samad/AFP via Getty Images
Romney - Marc Serota/Getty Images

Chicago Sun-Times

"All Over the Map" 
teaser...  Pages 10-12

TabloidMW shot from back of stage during the debate, Romney and Obama seated at the table speaking and gesturing, and between them Schieffer', back to camera  - Getty Images

Chicago Tribune
"Obama, Romney trade jabs in final showdown" - Michael Z. Barabak and Michael A. Memoli, Tribune Newspapers

MCU shot either before or after the debate; head and shoulders shot of the candidates heading in different directions - Saul Loeb/Getty-AFP Photo