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October 18, 2012
Free and Equal Elections Foundation Announces Political Correspondents for 2012 Presidential Debate

Including RT, WXIX Fox 19, Theresa Amato and The Josh Tolley Show

Free and Equal Elections Foundation today announced the political correspondents for the 2012 Presidential debate:  Thom Hartmann of RT,  Ben Swann of WXIX Fox 19,  Theresa Amato author of  Grand Illusion, and Josh Tolley of The Josh Tolley Show.

Hosted by Free & Equal, this historic debate will take place on October 23 at the Hilton Chicago in the International Room. Correspondents will cover from 7:00pm to 8:00pm CDT, and the debate will run from 8:00pm to 9:30pm CDT. Larry King, host of Larry King Now on and Ora TV, will serve as moderator.

October 17, 2012
Larry King to Moderate Third-Party Presidential Debate

Broadcast Live on Ora TV, YouTube on October 23; Hosted by Free & Equal Elections Foundation

Free and Equal Elections Foundation, the only organization offering a platform to every major candidate, today announced that Larry King, host of Larry King Now on and Ora TV, will serve as moderator for its special 2012 Presidential debate. Hosted by Free and Equal, this debate will take place on October 23 at 9:00pm EDT at the Hilton Chicago. Ora TVRussia Today, and the Free and Equal Elections Foundation will broadcast the debate live on the Internet.

The Free and Equal Elections Foundation has assembled a diverse group of ballot-qualified candidates in order to offer a truly multi-partisan debate for American voters. With sponsoring organizations spanning the ideological spectrum from The Nation to The American Conservative, it is clear that both the left and right in this country agree that the two-party system is broken. Free and Equal’s debate will be the type of open, honest, and solutions oriented discussion that the American people deserve.

“We are honored to have Larry King moderate this historic debate,” stated Christina Tobin, Founder and Chair of Free & Equal. “The previous debates between President Obama and Governor Romney have failed to address the issues that really concern everyday Americans. From foreign policy, to the economy, to taboo subjects like our diminishing civil liberties and the drug war, Americans deserve a real debate, real solutions, and real electoral options.”

Unlike traditional mainstream debates, viewers will be invited to submit questions via the web and social media, creating the first truly open and democratic debate on record. People can submit questions via Free and Equal’s website, or they can use the hashtag #AskEmThisLarry on Twitter.

Mainstream debates are sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates, which executes debate contracts drafted by the Republican and Democratic campaigns containing non-public provisions that sanitize debates, disregard viable third-party and independent candidates, and prohibit participation in other independent debates.

“Millions of Americans have already watched political coverage on web outlets like YouTube this campaign season, and we think there will be great interest in hearing from the set of candidates that Free and Equal has brought together” said Ora TV CEO Jon Housman. “The diverse perspectives of the featured candidates, combined with the unparalleled experience of Larry King, will make this a must watch event.”

“This is a truly exciting opportunity,” said debate moderator Larry King. “I have interviewed every US President since Nixon, and lest people forget, I helped usher Ross Perot into the national conversation during the 1992 presidential contest. I appreciate the importance of providing a platform to those with real alternative visions for our country’s future.”

Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson have all confirmed their participation in the debate.

September 27, 2012
Four Candidates Confirmed for the 2012 Presidential Debate Hosted by Free and Equal Elections Foundation

More Sponsors Across the Political Spectrum Join the Cause for Open, Fair Elections

Free and Equal Elections Foundation announced today that four candidates have confirmed their participation in the 2012 Presidential Debate at the University Club of Chicago on October 23: Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson.

This debate is the only 2012 Presidential Debate featuring four candidates. The top six candidates were invited to participate. Democratic Party candidate and incumbent Barack Obama and Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney are welcome to participate in this historic debate. The moderator will be announced shortly.

“The four candidates participating represent a nice balance of right and left leaning candidates,” stated Christina Tobin, chair of Free and Equal. “This debate will cover the real issues facing our country such as foreign policy, the economy, and civil rights, rather than topics that further divide us.”

Free and Equal’s 2012 Presidential Debate sponsors span the political spectrum of grassroots organizations and media who are uniting to solve our nation’s problems. Current sponsors include The Josh Tolley Show, Ballot Access News, Muslims for Liberty, National Constitution Party, The Justice Party, Blue Republicans, Restore the Republic, Re-Tea Party, Free the Vote NC, We the People, Grassroots for Liberty, and New Progressive Alliance.

The debate will be broadcast online at Several additional live feeds will be announced shortly as Free & Equal finalizes its media sponsors.

September 19, 2012
Free & Equal Announces Presidential Debate

A Truly Open Forum for All Candidates

CHICAGO, IL - Free & Equal Elections Foundation announced their hosting of the 2012 Presidential Debate today. The debate will be held at 8:00pm CST at University Club of Chicago in Chicago on Tuesday, October 23rd. Libertarian Party candidate Gary JohnsonConstitution Party candidate Virgil Goode and Green Party candidate Jill Steinhave confirmed their participation. Incumbent and Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama and Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney have been invited to participate in this important debate.

Free & Equal Elections Foundation gained national attention in 2008, when it hosted the only Presidential debate in the country in which every candidate whom had ballot access in enough states to become President was invited. Both Ralph Nader and Chuck Baldwin participated in 2008, and Free & Equal is seeking to increase that number for the 2012 election. The debate made history, being the first and only all-inclusive, nationally televised debate on C-SPAN2. 

To have received an invitation to the Presidential debate on October 23rd, a candidate must meet one of two requirements. Either they must be on the ballot in enough states to be viably electable, or they must receive 1% or greater in a national poll.

Free & Equal will announce the debate moderator and live web feed access prior to the debate. 

The Free & Equal debate will feature a large group of sponsors including the Josh Tolley Radio ShowRestore the RepublicBallot Access NewsRe-Tea PartyFree the Vote NC, We The People, and Blue Republicans. Additional sponsors will be announced soon. 

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