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Statement of Purpose


Occupy the Debates, the People’s Dialogue, seeks to demonstrate the disconnect between the presidential candidates of the two corporate parties and the people of the United States whom they are supposed to represent.
There are two types of conversations happening this campaign season.
Conversations that are designed to maintain the current power structure are coming from the candidates in the corporate parties and their mouthpieces in the corporate media. These conversations are largely based on misleading statements, lies and distractions, and are restricted by what the campaign funders allow. The highly scripted and rehearsed Presidential “Debates” this October will reflect this false conversation.
Conversations that are designed to actually solve problems are happening in communities across the nation where people are coming together in the spirit of participatory democracy. The people have a real sense of the crises they face and of the solutions to them, but their voices will not be heard in the choreographed “debates.”
Occupy the Debates rejects the pay-to-play structure of the dominant system and recognizes that candidates already shedding light on populist solutions will not be invited to the podium. Therefore, in order to expand the dialogue, Occupy the Debates encourages local Occupy's to organize activities the debates. Among the activities being planned are canvassing the community to hear their views, teach-ins, truth-telling sessions, general assemblies and conferences to discuss issues of concern and possible solutions.
In addition, people from across the nation can share their concerns about issues through the website: The information gathered locally and through the website will be organized into areas of concern and solutions that have been chosen by the people. This information will be posted on the website, sent to the press and will be available to the candidates.
The peoples’ views must be brought to the forefront of the electoral discussion. In addition to the Presidential candidates from all parties, not limited to the corporate duopoly, people are also encouraged to bring this information to their local candidates.
We recognize that within the current political structure, which is dominated by corporate power and concentrated wealth, lawmakers will not adequately address the many crises faced by the nation and the planet. Thus, we will continue to protest, to educate and organize and to build alternative systems that place human needs over corporate greed.
Debate Schedule
Oct. 3 - University of Denver, Denver, CO
Oct. 11 - Centre College, Danville, KY (vice presidential)
Oct. 16 - Hofstra, Hempstead, NY
Oct. 22 - Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL