Nov. 7, 2012 ACS Statement on President Obama’s Re-election
PRESS RELEASE from the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

Nov. 7, 2012


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ACS Statement on President Obama’s Re-election

In reaction to last night’s election results, ACS President Caroline Fredrickson has issued the following statement:

With the elections behind us, lawmakers need to quickly refocus on governing, and that includes addressing the historic number of vacancies on the federal bench. With more than 80 current vacancies – many of them deemed judicial emergencies – far too many Americans are denied access to justice. This is no way for a healthy democracy to function.

It’s time for Senate Republicans to end their mindless obstruction of judicial nominations and allow up-or-down votes on noncontroversial, consensus nominees. They can start by voting right away on the more than a dozen nominees they ignored before escaping Washington for the campaign trail. Americans need an efficient court system to help protect and vindicate their rights.

Let’s also tip our hats to the American electoral process that worked its magic once again. To the many thousands of volunteers who helped make the ballot box accessible to all eligible voters and combat nefarious attempts at voter suppression, we offer our sincerest gratitude.

The Obama administration should also continue to nominate and forcefully defend more progressive jurists to the federal courts. We will gladly provide President Obama with ‘binders full’ of worthy and highly qualified progressive candidates for the bench.

To speak with Fredrickson, please contact Jeremy Leaming at (202) 393-6181 or For more information about judicial nominations and to follow developments, visit ACS’s comprehensive web resource,

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