Nov. 6, 2012 Political Action Statement - A Mandate for the Fiscal Showdown: Jobs Not Cuts ­
Statement from Policial Action
November 6, 2012

A Mandate for the Fiscal Showdown: Jobs Not Cuts ­
Statement on the Re-Election of President Barack Obama by Political Action Executive Director Justin Ruben

This is a great night for democracy, for progressives, and for America. In an election that pitted grassroots people power against 1% cash, the American people delivered a powerful mandate to President Obama and progressive champions including Sherrod Brown, Chris Murphy, and Elizabeth Warren. Voters made clear that they want fairness and opportunity for all ­ and that it¹s past time for corporations and the wealthy to start paying their fair share.
Voters sided with job-creating investments instead of job-killing cuts. They voted to end the Bush tax cuts for those making more than $250,000. They voted against any cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits. They voted to maintain Obamacare¹s expansion of health coverage. And they voted to protect women¹s rights and the rights of all Americans, regardless of what they look like, where they come from, or who they love.
More than 2.9 million MoveOn members volunteered to help elect candidates in this election cycle, and MoveOn members contributed a combined more than $60 million to federal candidates. I¹m proud of our members and all they accomplished. It is their expectation that the candidates they voted for and worked so hard to elect will live up to their campaign promises by standing strong during the coming fiscal showdown.


November 7, 2012 Releases 2012 Election Report

This report provides a picture of the work that MoveOn did in 2012 to help reelect President Obama, and usher in a new class of progressive representatives to Congress. The report is a compilation of highlights from the campaign, and a look at MoveOn’s strategy and approach to this election.


The report tells the story of how we combined old school grassroots campaigning with a new set of 21st century tactics—not to mention a whole lot of creative thinking—to take on the buying power of corporate and 1% interests. We showcase some of our most innovative approaches to campaigning, and pull out the key statistics relevant to our impact on progressive turnout this election.


The report also explains how the issues at stake in the coming fiscal showdown were pivotal in the election, and what MoveOn members expect during that showdown from the officials they helped to elect."

People Power Trumped Super PAC Cash: MoveOn adn the 2012 Election [PDF]