November 2, 2012


FROM: RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer @SeanSpicer

TO: Interested Parties

RE: Weekend Messaging Memo - Final Days, Closing Argument

First, a reminder that those affected by Hurricane Sandy still need our prayers and support--and will for many days to come. If you are able, text "Red Cross" to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts.


As we begin counting down not the days but the hours, here's your last weekend memo of this presidential election cycle. A few final thoughts for the final stretch:

The choice has come down to this: big versus small. Gov. Romney has offered a bold agenda, a clear plan, and a positive vision. The Obama campaign, in contrast, made a calculated decision to go relentlessly negative and to consistently skirt the issues on struggling Americans' minds. Their campaign speeches have become petty and jeering, the rhetoric empty and divisive. Yet not once in this campaign did President Obama offer a substantive new agenda for a second term.

Because Gov. Romney believes Americans deserve a real recovery, he made his candidacy about actionable ideas and about building a better future. His plan represents a new direction; President Obama offers more of the same. What a fall for the candidate who once claimed to stand for "hope and change."

On this Friday before Election Day, the momentum is with the Romney-Ryan ticket. The trend lines we're watching point to a Romney victory. Countless polls--national and state--show the governor is consistently winning independent voters up to 10 and 20 point margins. This will prove pivotal come Tuesday.

The once vaunted Obama ground game has met its match. The best ground game in Republican history, powered by over 150,000 volunteers, will make 6 million voter contacts (2 million door knocks and 4 million phone calls) between now and Election Day. After making over 50 million voter contacts in the battleground states thus far, we've erased the Democrats' traditional early vote advantage. We're also turning out voters who otherwise were unlikely to vote on Election Day. Democrats have squandered their time and resources getting reliable Election Day voters to the polls earlier.

By every metric, the Obama campaign is doing far worse than they were four years ago. They will continue playing defense on turf they once took for granted--Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. They have effectively conceded North Carolina, and they know their Ohio-Wisconsin-Iowa "firewall" isn't holding. The president will spend most of his final campaign stops in those states. This is all a testament both to the strength of our operation and the emptiness of the Obama message.

As the campaigns make their closing arguments, we have a clear message to the remaining undecided voters. America cannot afford four more years like the last four. Only Gov. Romney offers the big change we need. Only Gov. Romney has a proven record of consensus-based problem solving. Only Gov. Romney has a plan.