Republican State Leadership Committee

RSLC Statement On 2012 Elections

Washington, D.C. (November 7, 2012) – Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) President Chris Jankowski issued the following statement regarding the 2012 elections:

“Clearly tonight was not what Republicans were hoping for, but we remain encouraged by the successes seen at the state level across the country.  While Democrats were able to make gains in some of the bluest states, Republicans defended the majority of chambers we won in 2010, retook the Wisconsin Senate and gained control of the Arkansas House and Senate.  In addition, we made significant gains in Kentucky and West Virginia where a historic number of Republicans were elected to the house.  In West Virginia, we unseated a five-term incumbent Attorney General and are poised to pick up that office in Montana.

“One thing remains clear – Republicans are the dominant party in the states holding a majority of state legislatures, governorships, lieutenant governorships, secretaries of state and half of the nation’s attorneys general.”

About the RSLC
The RSLC is the largest caucus of Republican state leaders and the only national organization whose mission is to elect down ballot, state-level Republican officeholders. Since 2002, the RSLC has been working to elect candidates for the office of attorney general, lieutenant governor, secretary of state and state legislator. The RSLC has more than 100,000 donors in all 50 states. The RSLC raised more than $30 million for the 2009-2010 cycle as part of an effort that picked up 20 legislative chambers, six attorneys general, three lieutenant governors and seven secretaries of state.  The RSLC spent $4.5 million during a successful 2011 cycle that resulted in a net pick up of more than 20 seats and control of two new chambers.  To learn more about the RSLC, please visit