EMAIL from
December 23, 2011

Hi there -
Thanks for signing up over the internet to join Gov. Perry's team in Iowa! You can play a significant role in helping the Governor win the Iowa Caucus (and then the presidency) by getting involved in your community during the 12 days that remain before January 3rd.
With our bus tour through Iowa underway, real momentum is moving in our direction.
Our Precinct Partners do three things:
1. Wear a “Perry for President” t-shirt to the caucus. (Supplied by the Campaign.)
2. Find other people who will go to the caucus for Gov. Perry. (Ideally, 5 more people, but any number will help.)
3. On caucus night, tell participants why he is the right choice and ask them for their vote. (Prepared remarks will be provided if you choose to use them.)
Are you willing to do that? Or can I answer any other questions for you?
Best Regards,
Bob Crawford
Volunteer Coordinator - State of Iowa