PRESS RELEASE from Nevada Republican Party

Sept. 6, 2011

Nevada Republican Party Announces Big Additions To 2012 Team

LAS VEGAS, NV – Amy Tarkanian, Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party, issued the following release announcing major developments in the Nevada Republican Party.
“I am excited to announce the addition of these seasoned and well respected political operatives to the Nevada Republican Party. The Republican Party must win in Nevada in order to take back the White House and remove Harry Reid as the Senate Majority Leader and I am confident that the Nevada Republican Party is up to that task. Bringing this group on is a strong initial step in winning races up and down the ticket, hosting a strong caucus and turning Nevada red again.”
David Gallagher has been selected as the Executive Director for the Nevada Republican Party. Gallagher, originally from Ohio, has worked across the nation on both state and federal races. Gallagher brings a unique political view back to Nevada, having worked in the state in the past, which includes in-depth knowledge of cutting edge political technology and extensive field and ground expertise based on experience in competitive races and states.
“I am excited to formally announce David Gallagher as our new Executive Director. David is a smart and driven political operative whose experience in highly competitive races and states will be a huge benefit for the Nevada Republican Party. David has a wealth of political knowledge and I am confident he is the leader our Party needs to navigate through the challenging and exciting cycle ahead of us.”
CAP Public Affairs, a firm led by nationally recognized and respected seasoned political veterans Gentry Collins, James Anderson and Alan Philp, will serve the Nevada Republican Party as the caucus advisors and general consultants overseeing caucus operations for the 2012 Nevada Republican Presidential Caucus. CAP Public Affairs brings a long history of organizing and running successful caucus operations with deep roots in the distinct Iowa caucuses. Their experience will bring a unique advantage to the Nevada Republican Party during this exciting nationally watched contest.
“The path to taking back the White House and ensuring Barack Obama is a one term President runs directly through Nevada, the gateway to the West. The Nevada Republican Party is honored to play such a key role in the 2012 Presidential contest; it’s a duty that we do not take lightly and bringing in CAP Public Affairs to guide our caucus efforts cements our commitment to this responsibility.”
Cory Drumright will serve as the Nevada Republican Party Caucus Director overseeing the day to day operations for the 2012 Nevada Republican Presidential Caucus. Drumright, most recently of Advanced Micro Targeting as the Director of Client Relations, has an expansive resume in Nevada politics working on both municipal and state races running day to day field operations and customizing targeted campaigns.
“Cory has been on the ground in Nevada for years and understands what it takes to execute the Nevada Republican Party’s vision for the 2012 Republican Presidential Caucus. I am confident that Cory’s experience and knowledge will equip him with the skills necessary to ensure this marquee event will be a success.”
October INC., a consulting firm based out of Las Vegas, NV, will serve as the financial consulting firm for the Nevada Republican Party. October INC. has served as the fundraising arm for several premier national and local candidates and committees including Senator Orrin Hatch, Governor Brian Sandoval, Senator Dean Heller, Republican Governors Association, National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee. .
“October INC. is a talented firm with top notch financial and political experience, I am eager to begin working with their team. It’s imperative that the Party have the necessary resources to better equip our candidates up and down the ticket in the competitive year ahead. I am confident that this partnership is a step in the right direction to getting the Party back on solid financial footing.”