PRESS RELEASE from Nevada Republican Party

Sept. 26, 2011

Message from Chairwoman Tarkanian Regarding Same-Day Registration at the Presidential Caucus

One of the commitments I made upon taking over as Chair of the Nevada Republican Party was to do my best to make sure every Republican voice was heard and that no faction within the Nevada GOP felt left out of the important decisions we will be facing in the weeks and months ahead.
Recently the topic of same-day registration at the Presidential Caucus on February 18th, 2012 has caused some disagreement in the party ranks. In an effort to make sure we have a fair, honest and comprehensive discussion about this matter, the Nevada Republican Party Executive Board voted today to place the issue on the agenda for our October 22nd state meeting.
It is my belief that true leadership entails listening and being open to a wide variety of views and opinions from diverse sources. It is in that spirit that I inform you of this decision and it is my hope that once the matter is settled, we can move on together to create a Presidential Caucus that will be the envy of the nation and begin the process of restoring the pride and prosperity to Nevada and America that has been lost in the Age of Obama.
Thank you for your contributions to the goals of the Nevada Republican Party. It is a great time to be a Republican in Nevada.

Amy Tarkanian
Nevada Republican Party