For immediate release:
January 10, 2012

Contact: Holly Shulman

Statement of New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley

Concord, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on Primary Night:

"Democrats across New Hampshire were able to use primary night as another opportunity to reach out to supporters and volunteers and continue building the strongest grassroots campaign organization in the state.

As part of this effort, the Obama campaign and the New Hampshire Democratic Party have talked to hundreds of thousands of voters over the phone, at doorsteps and in living rooms, coffee shops and community centers across the state.

It was also an honor for more than 2,000 Democrats in the Granite State tonight to hear from Vice President Biden, who spoke directly to voters at dozens of house parties about his and the President's plan to continue creating jobs and rebuilding our economy. This builds on more than 600 events over the past eight months, with thousands of Granite State volunteers and supporters reaching out to hundreds of thousands of voters.

We were also pleased to see tens of thousands of New Hampshire voters cast their ballots today for Barack Obama and support his vision to reclaim security the middle class has lost by restoring the basic values that made this country great. It helps build on the enthusiasm we saw a week ago in Iowa for the President's reelection and preserving the change we've delivered together.

Meanwhile, while he may have won, Mitt Romney, who has spent five years campaigning here in hopes of winning by a huge margin, fell well short on a number of fronts. He lost among self-identified independents. He finished a distant fourth among voters who care about "strong moral character." He lost the middle class vote, and he lost among New Hampshire residents who said they voted "on the issues." The reason is plain: Mitt Romney will say and stand for anything to get elected, and voters clearly don't trust him. He's demonstrated he is out of touch with middle class Americans, and tonight's results make that clear."