Occupy New Hampshire is currently weighing ideas to "Occupy the NH Primary" as these minutes from their Nov. 9, 2011 General Assembly show [see the lower part of the page]...

Occupy New Hampshire: Minutes for the GA, Weds. Nov. 9, 2011

Joe Burns cooked for another event, so Johnpaul made 2 delicious lasagna meals (one meaty, one meatless). Thanks Johnpaul. New people in attendance.
Autumn made new Occupy New Hampshire Magnets!
We cleaned up, picked up our signs, and headed to Greg's Place to convene the GA.
Thursday, November 10th is a big day of action.

UNH Durham students will Rally to Stand in Solidarity with Occupy Wall St.
Occupy New Hampshire will be there to support them and create important relationships between Occupy NH and Durham campus.
The rally is from 12:30-2:00 pm, T-Hall Lawn (off Main St. in Durham).
Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=178813165537508

From 4:30-5:30 pm, some members of Occupy NH will stand in solidarity with Union Leader workers picketing at Manchester Union Leader HQ on East Industrial Drive. When they picketing on Elm St. two weeks ago, Occupy NH held its GA across the street to support them. Pictures and an accompanying article of that night can be seen on Arnie's blog, InZaneTimes.org.

This Saturday, we will combine Occupy NH Manchester and Concord and will be convening our GA at the Concord Statehouse, 12:00 pm. People from Occupy NH Manchester will meet at Veteran's Park at 11:30 and drive to Concord for a rally.

Relocation for a weeknight GA's.
Here is a list of already established and possible contacts and places we can meet. If you know anyone or organization on this list, please contact them. 1.) Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson (who mentioned Occupy NH on Rachel Maddow Show this week)
2)St. Augustine's Church
3) Unitarian Universalist
4)Plumber's Hall in Hooksett (already getting established)
5) Carpenter's Hall (Marty)
6)Greg's Place (trusted ONH small business ally)
7)St. Josephs
8)St. Anthony's
9)Mac Neal's Banquet Hall, second st.,
10)Library (MCL, west side, and pine st.)
11) Milly's Taproom (Travis talked to the owner, apparently a big fan of Occupy, is arranging a day for our non-GA, issues discussion night)

It is clear that Occupy NH has changed since getting evicted from Veteran's Park.
We are no longer an active encampment, our weeknight GA's are considerably smaller.
Some could argue that we no longer have an 'occupation'.
However, our weekend events have been well planned and hugely successful. And at least 15 people usually attend weeknight GA's, which is impressive considering they are held every day.

Movements move...and thus Occupy NH has endorsed the strategy of a 'roaming occupation.'
We will no longer privately fantasize about reoccupying a wintery public park for the foseeable future. The idea is to travel throughout NH; start, support, and link up with occupy Keene, Concord, Nashua, Plymouth, Durham, Portsmouth, Exeter.

Every Sunday for the next 8 weeks, Occupy NH will travel to a new town or city in New Hampshire to talk with residents about the 99 Percent movement.
An established calendar schedule of dates, times, and locations will allow us to plan in advance, make press releases, contact local media, and leverage occupy supporters to help spread the word that when we are coming to town.

As we travel throughout the state, we will invite people to our greatest ambition to date:
"Occupy the NH Primary".

From January 4-10th, Occupy New Hampshire has a *very rare and privileged* opportunity to shape the national political debate.
If we protest in numbers, we will contribute to changing the consciousness of people in New Hampshire and across the country. We could set the tone for the rest of national primaries.

As a point of information, Occupy Iowa General Assembly recently invited all Americans to "Occupy the Iowa Caucus". Their invitation has been picked up by the national media, Anonymous, and countless organizations. We can do the same in New Hampshire. The "Occupy the NH Primary" is a huge idea.
Our soft target is 1,000 people to "Occupy the Primary".
Occupy is waiting for more people to attend the GA to make hard decisions about exactly which dates, places, locations, speakers, or schedule to primary week.

As a point of information, the two biggest Republican debates will be on Saturday January 7th, and Sunday January 8th. The primary itself is on the 10th.
All members of Occupy NH must come together to discuss how we are going to pull off the biggest political event in New Hampshire primary season in a generation.

To rehash, we will be travelling to 7 different towns and cities in NH in the same number of Sundays, spreading the good word about Occupy NH. We will bring "occupy the primary" event information and flyers with us, so the local branches start meeting in their community regularly to get the word out.
Also, we will be actively seeking other channels to distribute the "Occupy the Primary". Radio, TV, newspaper, bulletins, flyers, email lists, organizational networking, etc.
We could potentially emulate Occupy Iowa and invite the whole country to Occupy NH for an entire week.
The GA has not made definitive decisions on the 7 city schedule or the primary, so come to a GA or if you cannot attend, make sure your opinion is heard either on on the forum or on facebook.

reprinted from http://occupynh.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=424