PRESS RELEASE from We The People: A First In The Nation Freedom Forum

September 14, 2011

Contact:  Jennifer Horn

We The People Announces Presidential Town Hall Series

We The People Town Hall: Focus on Economy

Gov. Huntsman, Gov. Romney, Gov. Perry & Sen. Santorum to participate 

Nashua, NH       Jennifer Horn, President of We The People: A First In The Nation Freedom Forum, announced today that We The People will be hosting a series of town halls with Presidential candidates.
“We are proud to announce the launch of We The People Town Hall: Focus on Economy a series of traditional New Hampshire town halls with presidential candidates.  These town halls will include remarks from the candidates, an interview with the moderator and open Q&A with the audience,” said Horn.
“The primary mission of We The People is to promote and preserve the founding principles of freedom and limited government in America.  We believe there is no better way than to increase citizen engagement in the democratic process.  We hope these dynamic, interactive town halls will draw more New Hampshire citizens into the process of vetting candidates.”
“We live in challenging times,” said Horn.  “Never before have our freedom and individual liberties been more under attack by the encroachment of government, out of control spending and spiraling debt.  Now more than ever every citizen of our great nation must step up, be informed, and participate in the process.  Choosing the next leader of the free world is our greatest responsibility.”

We The People Town Hall: Focus on Economy will spotlight the economic issues that are driving the debate today, including, but not limited to, spending, debt, balanced budgets, health care reform, entitlement reform, immigration reform and other economic issues.  

So far, the following candidates have committed to participate: Gov. Jon Huntsman, Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Mitt Romney, Sen. Rick Santorum.  Town halls will be scheduled between now and the end of November.  Check our website for updates.