April 2012 Colorado Developments

EXCERPT from April 14, 2012 Ron Paul 2012 PCC Press Release

In Colorado, supporters of the 12-term Congressman from Texas won 12 delegates and 13 alternate delegates.  Paul’s state operation is confident that it can win over more of the Rick Santorum delegates to its side who were elected on a combined Paul-Santorum slate.  The Paul-Santorum coalition’s combined delegate total is 20—more than establishment candidate Mitt Romney's estimated 16.  In addition, the Paul-Santorum coalition denied Romney delegates all the committee spots within the Colorado National Delegation.  Two Ron Paul supporters will serve on the Rules Committee and the Paul coalition dethroned known Romney supporter and Colorado State Party Chairman Ryan Call from his position as Delegation Chairman.

PRESS RELEASE from Colorado Republican Party

April 13, 2012
Republican Party of Colorado Chairman Ryan Call Announces Congressional District National Delegate Results

DENVER, COLORADO –Republican Party of Colorado Chairman Ryan Call announces delegates and alternate delegates for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL:

“I am pleased to announce Colorado’s delegates and alternate delegates for the Republican National Convention this August. Colorado Republicans are grateful for the dedication and enthusiasm to Colorado and the Party, and for their tireless efforts to make Barack Obama a one-term president,” said Colorado GOP Chairman Ryan Call.

“Coloradoans along with the rest of the country understand the damage Barack Obama’s policies have caused the American people. With high unemployment, gas at $4 per gallon and record national debt, voters deserve better – they deserve real leadership in the White House. Barack Obama’s promise of ‘Hope’ has devolved into the cynical politics of hypocrisy and division and Coloradoans deserve better. Colorado will play a key role in November and with the help, dedication and passion of our state leaders and grassroots volunteers, we will turn the state Red.”

Delegates to the Republican National Convention:

·         Congressional District 1
o   Nancy McKiernanm, Santorum
o   Celement Koerber Jr., Unpledged
o   Florence Sebern, Unpledged

·         Congressional District 2
o   Timothy Leonard, Unpledged
o   Sue Sharkey, Santorum
o   Solomon Martinez, Unpledged

·         Congressional District 3
o   Todd King, Unpledged
o   Luke Kirk, Unpledged
o   Frieda Wallison, Romney

·         Congressional District 4
o   Guy Short, Unpledged
o   Sean Conway, Santorum
o   Karen Pelzer, Unpledged

·         Congressional District 5
o   John Suthers, Romney
o   Robin Coran, Santorum
o   Kent Lambert, Santorum

·         Congressional District 6
o   John Carson, Romney
o   Ted Harvey, Unpledged
o   Erik Hansen, Romney

·         Congressional District 7
o   Pete Coors, Romney
o   Anil Mathai, Santorum
o   Jeremy Strand, Unpledged

Alternate Delegates to the Republican National Convention: 

·         Congressional District 1
o   Earl Bandy III, Unpledged
o   Elizabeth Buchanan, Unpledged
o   David Bittner, Paul

·         Congressional District 2
o   Jon Warnick, Unpledged
o   Bryce Carlson, Romney
o   Kaye Ferry, Romney

·         Congressional District 3
o   Nancy Carlson, Romney
o   Michelle Gilleland, Romney
o   Barbara Smith, Romney

·         Congressional District 4
o   Kendal Unruh, Unpledged
o   Jim Gaston, Unpledged
o   Justin Williams, Romney

·         Congressional District 5
o   Robert Balink, Romney
o   Charles Aligaen, Paul
o   Joseph Burke, Paul

·         Congressional District 6
o   Glenn Hagen, Romney
o   Ryan Massfeller, Romney
o   Jeff Wasden, Romney

·         Congressional District 7
o   Lloyd Garcia, Unpledged
o   Libby Szabo, Unpledged
o   Robert Eskenberry, Paul