Maine Republican Caucuses

Update from Ron Paul 2012 PCC May 7, 2012 press release / Maine Democratic Party reaction
Updated results reported Feb. 17
Mitt Romney 2,373 (37.97%)   Ron Paul 2,258 (36.13%)   Rick Santorum 1,136 (18.18%)   Newt Gingrich 405 (6.48%)   Undec. 60 (0.96%)   Others 18   Total 6,250
Results as initially reported Feb. 11
Mitt Romney 2,190 (39.21%)   Ron Paul 1,996 (35.74%)   Rick Santorum 989 (17.71%)   Newt Gingrich 349 (6.25%)   Others 61 (1.09%)   Total 5,585

February 11, 2012

Maine Republican Party

Winner of the Maine GOP Caucuses

Portland, ME Feb 11, 2012 – Maine Republican Chairman Charles M. Webster and Vice Chair Ruth Summers issued the following statements announcing Mitt Romney as the winner of this year’s caucus process and thanking our volunteers and Maine voters for participating in the process. Romney wins Maine caucuses with 39.2 percent of the vote.

“We would like to congratulate Governor Romney on his win in the Maine caucuses, and thank Ron Paul and Mitt Romney for making stops in Maine over the past several weeks. Maine People were excited to cast their first vote against the Obama agenda and we look forward to working with our Republican presidential nominee to defeat Barack Obama in Maine,” said Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster.

Maine GOP Vice Chair Ruth Summers said, “We owe many thanks and congratulations to our volunteers across the state who worked so diligently organizing these caucuses. These caucuses would not have been possible without our State Committee who promoted this concept. It was wonderful to see so many Maine people turn out to vote in the presidential straw poll and participate in the caucus business. We are truly a grassroots party and the work they started is critical to moving our Party forward and winning in November.”

Maine is considered a ‘beauty contest’ state when it comes to caucuses. That is to say, there are no national delegates ‘won’ or ‘bound’ to any Presidential candidate in our caucus process. At the caucuses, we elect state delegates, election clerks, and in some cases town officers. What we also do is ask those participating in the caucus, to take a poll on which Presidential candidate they prefer. This is an unofficial, non-binding poll, that just simply show’s a ‘snapshot’, or takes the current ‘pulse’, of which Presidential candidate has the most support at the participating caucuses throughout the state. Some caucuses decided to not participate in the Presidential poll, and will caucus after this announcement. Their results WILL NOT be factored into this announcement after the fact. Again, this is an unofficial, non-binding poll, and we will elect our actual national delegation, from the floor of the state convention on May 5TH and 6TH.

Mitt Romney has 39.2 percent of the vote with 2190 votes, Ron Paul has 35.7 percent with 1996 votes, Rick Santorum has 17.7percent with 989 votes, and Newt Gingrich has 6.25 percent with 349 votes.

Romney for President


CONTACT: Romney Press Office

February 11, 2012

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today made the following statement on the results of the Maine caucuses:
“I thank the voters of Maine for their support. I’m committed to turning around America. And I’m heartened to have the support of so many good people in this great state.
“We stand for conservative principles, liberty and prosperity. All of these are under threat. I’m in this race because I believe that America can be turned around, that we don’t have to accept unemployment over 8 percent, a national debt that is as large as our entire economy, and a President who, even as his own policies fail, apologizes for America’s past successes. We’ve had enough. It’s time to reverse Barack Obama’s legacy of domestic disarray and foreign-policy weakness.
“I congratulate my fellow Republicans on a campaign well fought. We may have our differences, but we’re united in our determination to bring Barack Obama’s reign of failure to an end. I am the only candidate in the race who has never served a day in our broken federal government. The voters of Maine have sent a clear message that it is past time to send an outsider to the White House, a conservative with a lifetime of experience in the private sector, who can uproot Washington’s culture of taxing and spending and borrowing and endless bureaucracy.”

Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee

For Immediate Release: February 11, 2012
Contact: Gary Howard
Ron Paul Campaign Comments on Maine Caucus Results
“Ron Paul will win the most delegates out of Maine tonight”

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – Tonight the campaign of 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul sent an email to supporters regarding today’s caucus results from the state of Maine. See below for a portion of comments from Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Manager John Tate.
“Ron Paul will win the most delegates out of Maine tonight.  
“In fact, he will probably even win the ‘beauty contest’ straw poll the media has already called for Mitt Romney – even before all the votes have been tallied.
“In Washington County – where Ron Paul was incredibly strong – the caucus was delayed until next week just so the votes wouldn’t be reported by the national media today.
“Of course, their excuse for the delay was ‘snow.’
“That’s right.  A prediction of 3-4 inches – that turned into nothing more than a dusting - was enough for a local GOP official to postpone the caucuses just so the results wouldn’t be reported tonight.
“This is MAINE we’re talking about. The GIRL SCOUTS had an event today in Washington County that wasn’t cancelled!
“And just the votes of Washington County would have been enough to put us over the top.
“This is an outrage. But our campaign is in this race to win, and will stay in it to the very end.
“Congressman Paul’s message of liberty and Constitutional principles is resonating with Americans everywhere who are sick and tired of the status quo establishment, and we plan to take this campaign on to ‘Super Tuesday’ and beyond.”


For Immediate Release: February 11, 2012
Contact: Gary Howard

Ron Paul Victory in Maine!
“We are confident we will control the Maine delegation for the convention in August”

FALMOUTH, Maine – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has scored a strong finish in the Maine presidential caucuses. Paul gained over 36 percent of the vote in the ‘Pine Tree’ state, being barely nudged out by eventual winner Gov. Mitt Romney who pulled in a little over 38 percent.

Paul performed well throughout the state, although his campaign’s stronghold of Washington County did not report today for inexplicable reasons. Congressman Paul was barely bested by Gov. Romney by about 194 votes, a margin the campaign is confident it will make up with the 200 plus votes expected to come out of Washington County’s caucus.

“Today’s results show once again that Congressman Paul’s campaign for liberty and a return to Constitutional principles is strong and growing,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. “We are confident that we will control the Maine delegation for the convention in August. Our campaign is so thankful to all of our supporters in Maine, and all over the nation, and we want them to know that we plan to take this message all the way to the White House.”


Team LePage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, February 11, 2012
CONTACT: Brent Littlefield – LePage Senior Political Advisor 

Governor LePage Statement on Maine Republican Presidential Caucus Results

Statement by Governor Paul LePage, R-Maine:

“Republicans from throughout Maine have made their choice known in the GOP Presidential nominating contest. It is clear our most pressing problem is the continued need to grow our economy. I am proud that under my Governorship the unemployment rate has dropped, but we must do more. Maine is interconnected with other states in our nation and we must tackle this problem at all levels of government. That is why I am confident, when this nominating contest is over and a nominee is chosen, that Maine Republicans will join independents in putting new policies in place in Washington that advance economic growth.” – Governor Paul LePage

#   #   #

Maine Democratic Party
February 11, 2012
Maine Democratic Party Chair Ben Grant’s Statement on the Maine GOP Caucus


Washington – Maine Democratic Party Chairman Ben Grant released the following statement following the Maine GOP Caucus:


“Tonight was another bad night for Mitt Romney.  Following a string of losses this week in Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota, the Republicans lack of enthusiasm for their front runner continued tonight in Maine – where we saw staggeringly low turnout. In 2008 Romney won Maine easily with over 50% of the vote but today he wasn’t even able to break 40% despite living in the neighboring state, deploying top surrogates and campaigning aggressively in the closing days of the race.


“In state after state, turnout among Republican voters is low and GOP voters continue to be increasingly dissatisfied with their choice of candidates. Even more alarming for Mitt Romney is his collapsing support among moderate and independent voters who continue to be turned off by his hypocrisy and flip flops. It’s no wonder that the more voters learn about Mitt Romney, the less they like him.”


“As Mitt Romney campaigned across Maine ahead of today’s caucus, he got a chance to hear from some hard working middle class people looking for answers as to how he would lead our nation as President. 


“Mainers are looking for straightforward answers and leadership, particularly when it comes to those hurting the most as our economy recovers.  When it comes to our economic security, the contrast between Mitt Romney and President Obama couldn’t be any clearer.  While Mitt Romney was a corporate buyout specialist before leading Massachusetts to a 47th out of 50 ranking in job creation as Governor, President Obama has invested in the middle class and led our nation to 23 straight months of job creation and 3.6 million jobs.”    



Press Release from Maine Republican Party
February 16, 2012
Chairman Webster meets with Maine Republican Party Executive Committee

AUGUSTA, ME -Today the Executive Committee of the Maine State Republican Party met to discuss the Presidential Preference Poll results and have approved the following statement from Chairman Charlie Webster.

“We have worked diligently to contact town chairmen throughout Maine to reconfirm the results of their individual caucuses. These totals once confirmed will be posted on the Maine Republican Party Web site.

All Republicans are keenly aware of the intense interest in the results of the Maine Republican Party Presidential Preference Poll. In fact, I have had numerous conversations with Senate President Kevin Raye and Washington County Commissioner Chris Gardner regarding their concerns that the Washington County poll results be included in our final tally. As a result of these conversations I called a meeting of the Executive Committee to discuss this matter.

The results of the Washington County caucus will be reviewed at the March 10 Republican State Committee Meeting. The Executive Committee voted unanimously to recommend to the State Committee that they include the results in the final tally for the Presidential Preference Poll as their caucus had been scheduled to occur by the February 11 deadline, however it was postponed due to inclement weather. ”



Important Information Relating to Municipal Caucuses

• Each qualified political party (Democratic, Green Independent and Republican)* must hold a biennial municipal caucus in at least one municipality in a minimum of 14 counties for the purpose of electing delegates to a state convention and for any other business. (Title 21-A, §301)

• All caucuses must be held by March 20, 2012.
o The Maine Democratic Party will hold all municipal caucuses on Sunday, February 26th.
o The Maine Republican Party is encouraging all municipal committees to hold their caucuses between February 4th and 11th.
(The Maine Republican Party will post the time, date and location of municipal caucuses as soon as they are known). Please refer to the Maine Republican party web site for further information in your area:
o The Maine Green Independent Party has not provided our office with information regarding its caucus as of the time of this mailing.

• At the request of the committee calling the caucus, the municipal officers shall provide available space in a public building for the caucus at no cost. If the party requests a specific space or room that is not available for the date or time requested, the municipality may provide a suitable alternate location. Municipalities are not allowed to charge janitorial or other fees. If the municipality chooses to offer space owned by another entity (i.e. school RSU) that charges a fee for the use of space, then the fee must be paid by the municipality, rather than passing it onto the party committee.

• The secretary of the municipal party committee must file a copy of the notice of the caucus with the Municipal Clerk, who shall record it.

*Certification of the Americans Elect party formation petition is still pending. If this party is determined to be qualified, we will notify you.
Registrar’s Requirements

Review Title 21-A and Chapter 1, pages 9-12, of your training manual: Voter Registration & Elections: The Guide for Maine Election Administrators, for qualification, selection and duties of Registrars and Deputy Registrars.

Provide Free Caucus List

• The chair or secretary of the municipal committee or the person or persons calling a biennial municipal caucus may request a certified copy of the voter list (21-A, §312), designated as the Caucus List in CVR.

• The Caucus List must include all voters – not just voters enrolled in the party requesting the list.

• Title 21-A, §312 specifies that the Caucus List may include only the following information for each voter: name, residence address, mailing address, enrollment status, electoral district, voter status as active or inactive, voter record number and any special designation indicating the voter is a uniformed service voter, overseas voter or township voter. By law, the caucus list may not include the date of birth.

• The Caucus List disk file is designed to include only these items. All clerks must provide the Caucus List only in the disk file format.

• One free Caucus List must be provided for use by the municipal committee each biennial election cycle (beginning January 1st of a general election year) upon request. The requester must complete and sign the “Request for Obtaining Data from Maine CVR” form. The requester is not eligible to receive updates to a caucus list.

• The Registrar has 5 business days to prepare and provide the Caucus List to the requester; however, please ensure it is available before the caucus.

• A county committee may call the caucus if the municipal committee fails to do so (or there is no municipal committee). If the municipal clerk provides a Caucus List to the county committee, this fulfills the requirement in Title 21-A, section 312 – should a municipal committee member request a voting list at a later date, the municipal committee would not be eligible for a free list.

Attend Party Caucus

• Because this is a Presidential election year, the Registrar must attend the official party caucus for at least 1 hour before the start of the caucus, at the location where the caucus is being held to accept registrations and enrollments.

NOTE: The Registrar is required to remain at the caucus to allow all persons to register and enroll who are present at the caucus at the end of the 1 hour period.

• In addition to blank voter registration applications for use by voters who need to register or enroll, the registrar must print an Alpha Voter List (which includes 17 year olds) from the CVR. The Alpha Voter List is for use by the Registrar – do not give a copy of the Alpha Voter List to the party. A requestor of the caucus list will receive only the caucus list in electronic format.

• When processing enrollments at the caucus, the Registrar must note the requirements for changing enrollments outlined in Title 21-A, section 145:
o A voter may not vote at a caucus for 15 days after filing an application to change enrollment.
o An unenrolled voter may enroll in a party at the caucus and is eligible to participate immediately.
o The CVR was designed to track this restriction on party enrollment changes. When a voter changes from one party to another, the voter will be identified on the caucus disk file and the alpha voter list as an “X”, during the 15 day period when the voter is ineligible to participate in party caucuses or other party activities.

NOTE: Any voter who withdrew enrollment to sign the Americans Elect petition must complete a new application to enroll in a party and participate in a caucus. If the voter enrolled in the Americans Elect Party, the voter must remain in the party for 3 months before the voter can withdraw or change their party again.

• A caucus may be held outside the municipality if several municipalities elect to meet on a consolidated basis. If a political party chooses to hold a regional caucus (two or more municipalities from a certain area caucusing together in a central location), the Registrar of Voters for each municipality participating in the caucus must attend the regional caucus, even if the caucus is held outside of the Registrar’s municipality.
o The Registrar may appoint a Deputy Registrar to attend a caucus and accept new registrations and enrollments. A Deputy Registrar performs any of the duties prescribed by the appointing authority; any registrations and enrollments accepted by the Deputy Registrar at the caucus must be added to the voter list.

Maine Republican Party

Caucus Dates/Times and Locations

Androscoggin County

All towns, unless otherwise listed, will be participating at the countywide caucus in Lewiston.

February 11th, 9:00 A.M.

Geiger Elementary School, 601 College Street, Lewiston
Caucus Contact Person: Rosemarie Butler
E-Mail :
Phone #: 782-6373

Cumberland County

February 11th, 8:30 A.M.
Curtis Memorial Library
Caucus Contact Person: Jonathon Crimmins
Phone #: 720-0203

Cape Elizabeth
February 11th, 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.
Middle school Cafeterium

February 11th, 9:30 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.
Town Hall

February 11th, 9:00 A.M.
Old Orr’s Island Schoolhouse
Orr’s Island
Caucus Contact Person: Jean Appleby Johnson
Phone #: 833-0056

Feb. 11th 9:00am to 12:00pm
Harrison Fire Station Community Room
34 School St.

February 11th, 10:00 A.M.
Naples Town Office Gym
Caucus Contact Person: Rich Cross
Phone #: 693-7945

New Gloucester
February 11th, 1:00 P.M.
Community Building

North Yarmouth
February 11th, All Day
North Yarmouth Fire Station

February 11th, 9:30 A.M.
Riverton School
1600 Forest Avenue, Portland

February 9th, 7:00 P.M.
Raymond Town Office

South Portland
February 11th, 8:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.
South Portland Community Center

February 9th, 6:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Town Hall

February 11th, 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.
Town Hall

February 11th, 10:00 A.M.
American Legion Log Cabin
Main Street
Caucus Contact Person: Jeff Weinstein
Phone #: 846-1212

Hancock County

Hancock County will hold their caucuses in 6 different ‘districts’. Each district will have the list of towns participating in that location.

District 1

Bucksport, Orland, Verona
February 11th, 10:00 A.M.
G. Herbert Jewett School
66 Bridge Street, Bucksport
Caucus Contact Person: Sandi Blanchette
Phone #: 944-8444

District 2

Dedham, Ellsworth, Otis, Trenton
February 11th, 12:00 P.M.
Ellsworth City Hall
Caucus Contact Person: Janice Eldridge
Phone #: 667-2163

District 5

Gouldsboro, Hancock, Lamoine, Waltham, Sorrento, Sullivan, Winter Harbor, Fletcher’s Landing
February 18th, 10:00 A.M.
Hancock Grammar School (off Route 1)
Caucus Contact Person: Kathy Birdsall
Phone #: 460-1021

District 6

Aurora/Amherst, Eastbrook, Franklin, Mariaville, Osborn
February 18th, 1:00 P.M.
Eastbrook Municipal Office
959 Eastbrook Road, Eastbrook
Caucus Contact Person: Debbie Lockman
Phone #: 584-5900

March 3rd, 9:30 A.M.
Emerson Hall
Caucus Contact Person: Jinny Comiciotto
Phone #: 326-8340

Kennebec County

Saturday, February 18
10:00 A.M.
Clinton Town Office
Contact: Steve Trask 660-1942
E-Mail :

February 16th, 6:30 P.M.
The home of Alan & Lynn Labelle (256 Jamaican Point Road)

Oxford County

Oxford County’s towns will hold their caucuses in five different ‘consolidated caucuses’. Please contact the caucus organizer to find out the location in which your town will hold it’s caucus.

Fryeburg Consolidated Caucus
February 11th, 10:00 A.M.
Mollyockett Middle School

Bob Walstrom
February 11th, 10:00AM
Mollyockett Mid School – Fryeburg

Kimberly Clarke
February 11th, 10:00AM
Mollyockett Mid School – Fryeburg

Beth Wadsworth
February 11th, 10:00AM
Mollyockett Mid School – Fryeburg

Robert Steller
February 11th, 10:00AM
Mollyockett Mid School – Fryeburg

Peg Hughes
February 11th, 10:00AM
Mollyockett Mid School – Fryeburg

Individual Towns Caucusing

Please contact caucus organizers for more information.

Caucus Contact Person: Michael Lee
Phone #: 512- 2928

Caucus Contact Person: George Hooper
Phone #: 665-2970

Penobscot County

The Town of Charleston will hold its caucus at the Charleston Community Center, on School Road, on Wednesday, February 8 at 6:30pm.
For further information, contact Alan Gray, Town Chairman, at 285-7986.

February 11th, 10:00 A.M.
Newport Town Office
Caucus Contact Person: Shawn Roderick

Waldo County

Individual Caucuses

February 11th, 10:00 A.M.
Montville Town Office

Stockton Springs
February 11th 10:00 A.M.
Stockton Springs Town Office.

Washington County


All towns, unless otherwise listed, will be participating at the countywide caucus in East Machias.

February 18th, 1:30 P.M.
Washington Academy
East Machias

York County

All towns, unless otherwise listed, will be participating at the countywide caucus in Sanford.

York County Caucus:
Acton, *Alfred, Arundel, Berwick, *Buxton, Cornish, Dayton, Hollis, *Kennebunk, Kittery, Lebanon, Limerick, Limington, Lyman, Newfield, North Berwick, Parsonsfield, *Sanford, Shapleigh, South Berwick, Waterboro and Wells.
Date: Saturday, February 11, 2012
Location: The Veterans Memorial Gymnasium, 678 Main Street, Sanford, Maine.
Time: Doors will open at 8am, 9am County Caucus program begins
11:15 am All towns will break out into individual caucuses. The towns listed above that have an Astrix will be caucusing at the Veterans Memorial Gymnasium. All other towns listed above will be caucusing at the Sanford High School which is directly behind the Veterans Memorial Gymnasium.

Sanford Junior High Students and the Boy Scouts of America will be selling breakfast and lunch items as fund raisers.

If you need more information, please contact York County Caucus Coordinator, Judee Meyer at (207) 459-0683 or email:

Judee Meyer
York County Caucus Coordinator

Caucus information for towns not caucusing in Countywide caucus in Sanford is:

Saturday, February 11, 2:00 pm
J.R. Martin Community Center
Contact: Marc Worrell, 590-5630

Saturday, February 11, 1:00 pm
Rhumb Line Resort
Contact: Roger Seavey, 831-6615

Friday, February 10, 1:00 pm
Dunaway Community Center
Contact: Stillman Bradish, 646-3292

Election/Caucus Laws and Legal Guidelines

Legal Guidelines

NOTE: All information below is shown as it appears in Title 21A of Maine Revised Statutes.

During the gubernatorial election year, the registrar shall attend the biennial municipal caucus of each qualified party for at least 30 minutes preceding the commencement of the caucus at the location where the caucus is being held. During the presidential election year, the registrar shall attend the biennial municipal caucus of each qualified party for at least one hour preceding the commencement of the caucus at the location where the caucus is being held. The registrar shall accept the registrations and enrollments of all qualified voters who attempt to register and enroll, and all persons so registered and enrolled may participate in their party caucus. The registrar shall allow all persons to register or enroll who are present at the caucus at the end of the 30-minute or one-hour registration period.

Call. The caucus may be called by the chair or a majority of the members of the municipal committee of a political party. If the municipal committee fails to call a caucus, the county committee may call the caucus. At the request of that committee municipal officers shall provide available space in a public building for a caucus. This means that each town must provide a space free of charge for this event. A municipality may hold its caucus outside the municipality if several municipalities elect to meet on a consolidated basis or if the committee calling the caucus determines that a facility outside the municipality is more suitable.

Time. A biennial municipal caucus of any party must be held during the general election year before March 20th.

Notice. The secretary of the committee shall have a notice of the caucus published in a newspaper having general circulation in the municipality at least 3 and not more than 7 days before it is to be held, or shall post a notice in a conspicuous, public place in each voting district in the municipality at least 7 days before the caucus. The notice must contain the name of the party, the time and place of the caucus and the name of the person calling it.

A. If the notice is not published as required by this subsection, the caucus is void if challenged by any voter eligible to participate in the caucus who was prejudiced by the failure to publish notice.
B. The secretary of the committee shall file a copy of the notice with the clerk who shall record it.

Procedure. The chair of the municipal committee shall open the caucus. In the chair’s absence, the secretary or any resident voter enrolled in the party may open the caucus. The caucus shall elect a secretary and a chair in that order. The chair of the caucus shall then preside over the caucus and the secretary shall record the proceeding of the caucus. The caucus shall determine its own parliamentary procedure.

If no municipal committee. If there is no municipal committee, any resident voter enrolled in the party may call a special caucus for the purpose of electing the committee following the notice procedure of subsection 3.

The chair or secretary of the municipal committee or the person or persons calling a biennial municipal caucus, including any resident voter pursuant to section 311, subsection 5, may request a list of registered voters pursuant to section 196-A, subsection 1 for use by the municipal committee once each biennial election cycle beginning January 1st in an election year.

Vote by list. The caucus may order voting to be done by checking each voter’s name on the municipal caucus list of registered voters from the central voter registration system pursuant to section 312.

Secret ballot. The caucus may order voting to be done by secret ballot which may be printed, or written on plain paper.

CHALLENGES (Section 314)
An enrolled voter of a municipality may challenge the right of another to vote at a municipal caucus. The person challenged may vote at the caucus after he has taken the following oath administered by the chairman of the caucus.

Oath. “I, (name of challenged person), swear that I am a registered and enrolled voter in this voting district, that I am a member of the party holding this caucus, and that I have not been enrolled in any other party in this municipality within the last 15 days.”

Oath recorded and copy sent to registrar. The secretary of the caucus shall record the administration of the oath and shall send a copy of the record to the registrar.

Registrar to compare records. On receipt of the copy of the record, the registrar shall compare it with the voting and enrollment records. If the oath is false, the person who swore to it is guilty of a Class E crime.

Qualifications; appointment; compensation. Election clerks must be at least 18 years of age, registered to vote and residents of the municipality, except that, if the municipal officers, after providing timely notice to state and local chairs of political parties of the lack of available election clerks, are unable to appoint a sufficient number of election clerks who are residents of the municipality, the municipal clerk may appoint election clerks who are not residents of the municipality but who are residents of the county and are otherwise qualified to fill the vacancies. The municipal officers of each municipality shall appoint election clerks no later than May 1st of each general election year to serve at each voting place during the time the polls are open and as counters after the polls close. A list of the election clerks appointed under this subsection must be posted at each voting place. Election clerks are entitled to a reasonable compensation as determined by the municipal officers.

Representation of parties. The municipal officers shall consider the following for appointment as election clerks.

A. The municipal officers shall consider persons nominated by the municipal, county or state committees of the major parties to serve as election clerks. The municipal officers shall appoint at least one election clerk from each of the major parties to serve at each voting place during the time the polls are open. The municipal officers shall also appoint a sufficient number of election clerks to serve as counters after the polls close. The election clerks must be selected so that the number of election clerks from one major party does not exceed the number of election clerks from another major party by more than one.

B. The municipal officers shall appoint at least one election clerk nominated by the municipal committee of a qualified minor party represented on the last general election ballot for each voting place at the committee’s request.

C. Notwithstanding subsection 1, the municipal officers may also consider persons who are 17 years of age to serve as student election clerks for a specific election. A student election clerk may perform all the functions of an election clerk as prescribed by this Title.


Convention Delegates play an important role in setting the direction of the Maine Republican Party. The primary responsibilities of Convention Delegates are to conduct the general business of the State Convention and nominate and/or elect representatives to the National, State and County Committees.

The duties of a Convention Delegate include, but are not limited to:
 Discuss and vote on the General Rules of the Maine Republican Party;
 Discuss and vote on the Rules of the next biennial Republican State Convention;
 Discuss and vote on the Maine Republican Party Platform including any amendments presented from the floor;
 Elect a National Committeeman and National Committeewoman;
 Elect Delegates and Alternates to the National Republican Convention;
 Ratify Municipal Delegate nominees to County Committees and elect representatives from municipalities that did not nominate a sufficient number of Municipal Delegates to the County Committee;
 Nominate State Committee Members (State Committeeman, State Committeewoman and State Committee Member At-Large) from each county those who will represent you on the Republican State Committee.

Convention Alternates are responsible for performing the responsibilities and duties of Convention Delegates in the absence of a Delegate and having been appointed as such by the Delegation Chair.

NOTE: Delegates and Alternates are responsible for all of their expenses.
 There is a fee of $25 to attend the Convention as a Delegate or Alternate.
 You must pay for all meals (Convention sponsored meals will range from $15 to $40).
 You must make your own housing arrangements.

You should receive Convention information by March 16th. If you have not heard from us by then, please contact Michelle at 622-6247 or


The Municipal Delegation Chairman is the leader of the Municipal Delegation (Delegates and Alternates) to the State Convention.

It is the responsibility of the Delegation Chairman to:
 Confirm that all Delegates are planning to attend the Convention.
 Appoint a replacement if a Delegate is unable to attend the Convention
o the Delegation Chairman must appoint a replacement from the list of elected Alternates.
 Appoint a replacement if a Delegate is unable to be present at any time during the Convention for votes.
o the Delegation Chairman must appoint a replacement from the list of elected Alternates.
 Call a meeting of the Municipal Delegation to elect a replacement Delegation Chairman if you are unable to fulfill your duties.
 Communicate with the Maine Republican Party when appropriate.
o Notify the MRP HQ in writing of any changes in the status of Delegates and/or Alternates (e-mail to if prior to the Convention or via the Delegate Replacement Form if the Convention has already commenced.)
 Monitor the Municipal Delegation during voting sessions to insure that only Delegates vote on each issue.
 Assist County Chairmen in the distribution and collection of ballots, when required.


Municipal delegates to the County Committee, commonly referred to as County Committee Members, represent enrolled Republicans in their municipality when conducting County Committee business and specific activities related to the election of local officers and elected state legislators. Duties include, but are not limited to:

 Representing municipal interests on the County Committee;
 Attending County Committee meetings and casting votes on routine County Committee business;
 Working closely with the Municipal Committee to promote local Republican activism;
 Supporting municipal and county organizational activities including:
o Fundraising
o Communications
o Promoting special events
 Supporting election related activities including:
o Recruiting candidates for County Offices
o Providing campaign assistance within the municipality to local, state and federal candidates
o Providing assistance on referendum issue campaigns
o Poll watching
 Performing other duties and responsibilities defined in individual County By-Laws

Additionally, municipal delegates to the County Committee may be called upon to participate in filling untimely vacancies left in County and State offices.


Municipalities are required to have Election Clerks working at the polls on Election Day.
 Political committees can nominate people to work at the polls.
 Nominations must be submitted to the municipal clerk no later than April 1, 2012.
 Election Clerks must represent the political parties equally within one; i.e., there can be 7 Republicans and 6 Democrats.

Election Clerks perform a vital role in our election process. Their responsibilities include:
 check in voters;
 provide voters with appropriate ballot(s);
 tally votes at the end of the day; and
 ensure that all election related materials are secured according to State Law.

Many municipalities have a difficult time finding the necessary number of people to work at the polls. Here is how you can help:
 Ask your Clerk for the names of those who have served as Republican Election Clerks in the past.
 Tell your clerk that your Republican Committee will be making nominations in accordance with State Law.
 Take the time to find people who are willing to work at your Polls.

The goal is to have every Republican Committee submit names this year. Please help with this task. This is an important part of our process.

Please read Legal Guidelines, Election Clerks (Section 503 at top of this page) for requirements.