Feb. 7, 2012 Minnesota Precinct Caucuses

MN GOP "Republican Party of Minnesota 2012 Precinct Caucus" [PDF]

Key Dates Republican Party of Minnesota
Feb. 7:                    Precinct Caucuses
Feb. 17-March 31:  County-based BPOUs are encouraged to hold their convention. Basic Political Organizing Unit (BPOU) is county, state house district or state senate district.
April 14-21:             Congressional District Conventions    Paul: Ron Paul Wins Minnesota, Colorado Delegates to RNC
May 18-19:             State Convention, Saint Cloud Civic Center in Saint Cloud, MN    Paul: Ron Paul Decisively Wins Minnesota and Carries Delegates in Multiple Other States

PRESS RELEASE from Republican Party of Minnesota
Feb 8, 2012
Republican Party of Minnesota Statement Announcing Rick Santorum as Winner of the MNGOP Caucus

St. Paul – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Pat Shortridge and Deputy Chairwoman Kelly Fenton issued the following statements announcing Rick Santorum as the winner of yesterday’s caucus in Minnesota and thanking our volunteers and Minnesota voters for partaking in this process. With 98 percent of precincts reporting, Rick Santorum wins Minnesota caucuses with 45 percent of the vote. 

“We would like to congratulate Rick Santorum on his win at the Minnesota caucuses yesterday, and thank all of the presidential candidates for making stops in Minnesota over the past several days. Minnesotans were excited to cast their first vote against the Obama agenda last night and we look forward to working with our Republican presidential nominee to defeat Barack Obama in Minnesota,” said MNGOP Chairman Pat Shortridge.

“We owe many thanks and congratulations to our volunteers across the state who worked so diligently organizing these caucuses. These caucuses would not have been possible without their commitment to our principles and dedication to getting the job done. It was wonderful to see so many Minnesotans turn out to vote in last night’s presidential straw poll and participate in the caucus business. We are truly a grassroots party and the work they started last night is critical to moving our Party forward and winning in November,” said MNGOP Deputy Chairwoman Kelly Fenton. 

With 98 percent of precincts reporting, Rick Santorum has 45 percent of the vote, Ron Paul has 27 percent, Mitt Romney has 17 percent, and Newt Gingrich has 11 percent.

results as reported by the Minnesota Secretary of State >
4137 of 4137 precincts
Newt Gingrich
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
Rick Santorum



PRESS RELEASE from Minnesota DFL
DFL Kicks off 2012 Election Season with Successful Precinct Caucuses

After attending his local precinct caucus and talking to people across the state about their experiences, DFL Chair Ken Martin released the following statement:

“Tonight, DFLers across the state attended their precinct caucuses because they believe in our candidates, the ideals of our Party and the ability to make a difference through our democratic process. Thousands of people came out tonight to support our candidates, voice their disgust with the divisive constitutional amendments being put forward by the Republican legislature and start organizing to ensure DFL victories this fall.

Through months of caucus trainings, phoning and door-knocking efforts and outreach to communities of new Minnesotans, we have been working hard to make sure Minnesotans know about the important opportunity they have to help build our party and make their voices heard through participating in their precinct caucus. 

At my own caucus in Eagan, I saw a room full of enthusiastic DFLers who were anxious to get to work to re-elect President Obama and Senator Klobuchar, take back the majorities in our State House and State Senate and defeat the constitutional amendments we will be facing this fall.  

With strong turnout and strong support for President Obama, Senator Klobuchar, and Democratic leaders up and down the ticket, we are confident that voters are ready to move our state forward with the progressive policies that will improve the future for Minnesota families, starting with victory in November.”