February 7, 2012

Highlights from Conference Call Regarding Colorado Caucus With RNC Political Director Rick Wiley and Hispanic Outreach Director Bettina Inclán
RNC Political Director Rick Wiley:
“Today’s caucuses in Colorado give us an opportunity to evaluate the last three years since Obama took office and how broken promises and failed economic policies have caused Coloradans to sour on Obama…
“Gallup just released job approval numbers last week and six in ten Coloradans believe that Barack Obama is failing at his job. Those are dangerous numbers when you look at an electorate that is as charged up as it is right now…
“I believe if you look at Colorado and the successes we have had picking up two U.S. House seats, picked the State House up, one thing I think is important to realize is we picked up Secretary of State and the Treasurer’s office along with the AG when the top of the ticket failed. So it’s rare in politics when down ballot races succeed when the top of the ticket doesn’t do as well, but it shows that the wave from 2010 certainly reached Colorado, and I believe that it’s right in our sights in 2012 to turn it from blue, back to red…
“Sixty-two thousand Coloradans have lost their jobs since Barack Obama took office. If you look at the number of seats where the Broncos host their football games, 215,000 people are out of work in Colorado; you can fill that stadium nearly three times with the folks that are out of work in Colorado.
“I think at the end of the day, one thing to keep in mind is that Colorado is still a GOP leaning state. We have nearly a 100,000 person voter registration advantage in the state. Obama was only the second Democrat to win Colorado in a presidential election in forty years…then you have just the strong year that we had in 2010…As we move forward…I think Colorado is ripe for the taking and I look forward to a good Caucus Day.”
RNC Hispanic Outreach Director Bettina Inclán:
“Colorado is yet another battleground state where Latino voters will play a crucial role in the Republican path to the White House in 2012. Just two weeks ago, the Colorado Hispanic Republicans…held a press conference to respond to Obama’s campaign stop and, at the same time, to show Obama that his path to reelection is a steep climb up the Rockies.
“Latinos in Colorado have been hit the hardest by Obama’s failed economic policies and are ready to caucus today to take a step forward to make Barack Obama a one-term president. If we just look to the economy, the economic downturn has…had a major toll on the Hispanic community. And particularly true for Hispanics in Colorado who are facing an unemployment rate of 13.2%, much higher than the state’s average of 7.5%. It’s clear that Hispanics in Colorado are ready for a change in direction in Washington.
“There’s no doubt Hispanic voters have been a major voice in Colorado elections, making up 1 out of every 10 Colorado voters—about 16% of Hispanics in the state are registered Republicans and about 33% are non-affiliated with either party. The harsh economic climate for those in the Hispanic community proves that Obama will face a rocky road in Colorado. We’re anxious to take this first step with the Hispanic community in Colorado and continue to work together and make sure that we send a leader who will focus on creating jobs rather than saving his own.”
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