PRESS RELEASE from the Republican National Committee

April 1, 2011

RNC Announces 2012 Presidential Nominating Schedule Committee

WASHINGTON –The Republican National Committee (RNC) Executive Committee authorized the formation of the 2012 Presidential Nominating Schedule Committee. The goal of the 2012 Presidential Nominating Schedule Committee is to educate RNC Members, state parties and elected Republican officials on Rule 15(b) of the Rules of the Republican National Committee which sets a new timeline and procedures for the Republican presidential nominating process, including:

The four carve-out states of Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina may begin their processes any time on or after February 1, 2012.

The remainder of the states may begin no earlier than the first Tuesday of March 2012. 

Any state (other than the four carve-out states) that conducts its process prior to April 1, 2012, must allocate its delegates on a proportional basis.

Any state that violates this Rule will lose 50% of its delegates, alternate-delegates and potentially face many other penalties.

“If we are going to be successful challenging Barack Obama in 2012, it is critical that all RNC members, state parties, and Republican elected officials are educated as to the nominating process,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “This group of dedicated Republican leaders will ensure that a smooth nominating process can take place so we can be in the strongest possible position to defeat Barack Obama.”
Members who have been appointed to this committee are all former members of the RNC Temporary Delegate Selection Committee and have worked on this rule leading up to its adoption.  National Committeeman John Ryder, will be the Chairman of the 2012 Presidential Nominating Schedule Committee.
Below is a complete list of RNC members that have been appointed by Chairman Priebus to serve on the committee:

Members of the 2012 Presidential Nominating Schedule Committee
John Ryder – National Committeeman, TN - Chairman
Saul Anuzis – National Committeeman, MI
Bob Bennett – National Committeeman, OH
Steve King – National Committeeman, WI
Pete Ricketts – National Committeeman, NE
Paul Senft – National Committeeman, FL
Fredi Simpson – National Committeewoman, WA

Ex-Officio Members of the 2012 Presidential Nominating Schedule Committee

Reince Priebus – Chairman, RNC - Chairman
Bill Crocker – National Committeeman, TX – General Counsel