March 10, 2012 Virgin Islands Republican Caucus

See also: Rules of the Virgin Islands Republican Caucus [PDF]

VI GOP 2012 Caucus Results (Unofficial)

Territory Wide Totals:

April Newland                                   41 (27 STX, 14 STT)  Romney

Gwendolyn Brady                            37 (34 STX, 3 STT) Uncommitted

Warren Bruce Cole                          31 (28 STX, 3 STT) Uncommitted (Pledged to Romney after the vote totals)

John A. Clendenin                           31 (25 STX, 6 STT) Romney

Robert Max Schanfarber              29 (11 STX, 18 STT) Paul

Luis R. Martinez                                29 (26 STX, 3 STT) Romney

Joshua A. Schanfarber                   21 (5 STX, 16 STT) Paul

Humberto O’Neal                            19 (19 STX, 1 STT) Uncommitted

Geoffrey Wolfe                                                18 (5 STX, 13 STT) Paul

George Blackhall                              16 (8, STX, 8 STT) Uncommitted

Dwain E. Ford                                    15 (12 SSTX, 3 STT) Gingrich

Vince Danet                                       15 (10 STX, 5 STT)  Santorum

Roseann Wells                                  15 (2 STX, 13 STT) Paul

Michael Wilson                                 15 (2 STX, 13 STT) Paul

Eddie Jane Simmons                       14 (1 STX, 13 STT) Paul

Kimberly Lynn Jones                      11 (10 STX, 1 STT) Uncommitted

DeWayne Bridges                            8 (3 STX, 5 STT) Santorum

James Bland                                       4 (4 STX, 0 STT) Uncommitted

Dennis Best                                        4 (1 STX, 3 STT) Uncommitted

Patrick Witcher                                 4  (0 STX, 4 STT)Uncommitted

Steve Mitchum                                 4 (0 STX, 4 STT) Uncommitted

Steven Hardy                                     3 (0 STX, 3 STT) Gingrich



384 total cast

112 to Paul (29%)  Won one delegate

101 to Romney (26%) Won three delegates plus three RNC  member pledge.  (Pick up a uncommitted delegate after the balloting for a total of seven.)

23 to Santorm (6%) No delegates

18 to Gingrich (5%) No delegates

130 Uncommitted (34%) Two delegates but one changed to Romney after the vote totals were announced

PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President


CONTACT: Romney Press Office

March 10, 2012


Boston, MA – Mitt Romney made the following statement on winning the support of 7 of the U.S. Virgin Islands’ 9 delegates:
“I am delighted to have won the support of 7 of the Virgin Islands’ 9 National Convention Delegates.  The message from the people of the Virgin Islands is clear, and it’s the same message I hear all over the country. They do not want to send a career politician to Washington. Rather, they want to send a career businessman. I’ve spent my life turning around failing businesses and helping to start new ones.  Our country badly needs a turnaround. Now, thanks to the backing of the good people of the Virgin Islands, we’re one step closer to our goal of recapturing the White House and putting America back on track.
“In particular, I want to thank Senator Holland Redfield, USVI National Committeeman, Lilliana Belardo, USVI National Committeewoman, and Herb Schoenbohm, Chairman of the USVI Republican State Committee, for their support and for organizing today’s caucus.”