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Early Feature Articles: 2009-10

Andrew Ferguson.  "The Boy from Yazoo City."  The Weekly Standard December 27, 2010.

Bush (Jeb)
John J. Miller.  "The Education Ex-Governor."  National Review.  February 21, 2011.


W. James Antle, III.  "Mitch the Knife."  The American Spectator.  November 2010.
Andrew Romano.  "Responsible Rider."  Newsweek.  September 10, 2010.

Andrew Ferguson.  "Ride Along with Mitch."  The Weekly Standard.  June 14, 2010.

John H. Richardson.  "Newt Gingrich: The Indispensable Republican."  Esquire.  September 2010.

Ariel Levy.  "Prodigal Son."  New Yorker.  June 28, 2010.

Jay Newton-Small.  "Palin in Progress: What Does She Want?"  Time.  December 9, 2010.
Robert Draper.  "The Palin Network."  New York Times Magazine.  November 21, 2010.
John Heilemann.  "2012: How Sarah Barracuda Becomes President."  New York.  October 24, 2010.
Michael Joseph Gross.  "Sarah Palin the Sound and the Fury."  Vanity Fair.  October 2010.

Lisa Miller.  "Saint Sarah."  Newsweek.  June 11, 2010.
Gabriel Sherman.  "The Revolution Will Be Commercialized."  New York.  May 3, 2010.
Paul Starobin.  "Palin Is No Puppet."  National Journal.  April 10, 2010.
Matthew Continetti.  "The Palin Persuasion."  The Weekly Standard.  November 16, 2009.

Bob Moser. "Texas Tea."  The Nation.  October 25, 2010.
Evan Thomas and Arian Campo-Flores.  "Don't Mess With Texas."  Newsweek.  April 26, 2010.


Philip Klein.  "Will Petraeus Be Like Ike?"  The American Spectator.  May 2010.

Tom McGrath.  "Rick Santorum Wants to Save Us From Barack Obama."  Philadelphia.  October 29, 2010.


Stephen F. Hayes.  "Dakota Dreaming."  The Weekly Standard.  October 4, 2010.