"Freedom Jamboree: The National Tea Party Straw Poll Convention" was an event scheduled to be held Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2011 at Woodlands Racetrack in Kansas City, KS.  It was to be a non-profit Tea Party rally "with a county fair theme and tailgate party atmosphere."  Among those who had committed to appear were Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Kris Kobach, Joseph Farah, David Horowitz and Joe Miller.  Initial work on this started in the latter part of 2010 and organizers put a lot of work into it, but on July 13, 2011 organizer William Temple + announced it was cancelled due to insufficient reservations.

excerpts from the website: www.freedomjamboree.com

About Freedom Jamboree

The National Tea Party Nominating Convention at Freedom Jamboree is a step by step process allowing each grassroots Tea Party or 9/12 group the opportunity to select one delegate to the national event in Kansas City on Sept. 30th and Oct. 1st.  The delegates from all 50 state’s Tea Parties and 9/12 groups will nominate their choices for President and Vice President of the United States at the convention.  The choices will be from a list of Tea Party candidates that have announced their intention to run in 2012.  Most candidates will announce early in 2011, and an updated list will be supplied on the web-site each month.

This Tea Party Nominating Convention and Rally will NOT be an announcement that the Tea Party movement has become a third party, which would be an impossible task before the 2012 election.  It will, however, be an unmistakable flexing of the movement’s muscle, with the resolve to continue holding government accountable, and replacing establishment career bureaucrats with Tea Party supporting candidates.

This convention will be a huge straw poll (not binding on any candidate), showcasing our Tea Party nominees, giving them the opportunity to speak at our event, and allowing our grass-root state groups to make their own determination as to which candidates will receive their support.  It will also showcase our stable of candidates to the major media, to the Republican and Democrat parties, and ultimately to the nation, a full nine months before the two party conventions; thereby notifying everyone (the Republican Party in particular) which Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates that the Tea Parties across the United States of America will support for the Republican National Convention in 2012.  This is “the” strategic reason for our convention.

The Genesis Of An Idea

Before the “March on DC” in August, 2010, a group of Tea Party participants and leaders, representing twelve states from across the country, united together to form a “Committee of Correspondence,” with the intention of planning the ultimate national Tea Party event for 2011.  It was our desire to organize and execute this event from the grassroots level up totally through the individual Tea Parties from all 50 states.  It is our collective belief that we did not want the 2011 national event to be overseen or controlled by any of the current umbrella Tea Party organizations, but rather by the individual and local Tea Parties in coalition, to whom we attribute the success of the mid-term elections this year. While we appreciate the contributions that these organizations have made in the founding and expansion of the movement, we believe it is vital in 2011 that the ”local” Tea Parties plan and execute a national event leading up to the 2012 elections.  Over 100 coordinators in all 50 states have begun organizing in less than two months.

We are resolved that a national Tea Party event should be available and affordable to all grassroots Tea Party activists, in a central location of the country (definitely, not in DC again!), on private property, and just outside a major city and transportation hub.  Our location will encourage the local economy, especially during this difficult economic time, by hosting the first truly national “Tea Party Convention”. Although we have no intention to become an official third party, we are choosing a venue and declaring our endorsement of those candidates that have supported our movement. At the same time we want to hold the new government, as well as the Democrat and Republican Parties, accountable for their actions this October.

We therefore, have selected the heartland as our event-site on Friday Sept. 30th and Saturday Oct. 1st, 2011, and are well along in contacting conservative Tea Party groups nationwide, as we did when the movement began in 2009.  As with the first “March on DC” we anticipate huge crowds from Tea Parties from every state for this event, largely because each Tea Party will have the opportunity to select their own delegate.

Most importantly, this will be the “first” national Tea Party convention, and not just a rally or march, as the state organizations will actually select delegates from each state’s Tea Parties, who will then nominate our presidential and VP candidates at the event, with a huge “straw poll.”  This will enable our candidates to go into the 2012 party conventions already endorsed by our movement for more than 9 months. This will also help prevent the major parties and the media from dictating who our “conservative” candidates will be, since our selections will already have been made before their conventions occur the following year.

The Tea Party Founding Fathers

The Tea Party Founding Fathers (aka The Tea Party Founders or TPF) is a 501(c)3 civic and educational organization which exists to 1) unite all segments of the Tea Party movement via planning and execution of The Tea Party Founders’ Freedom Jamboree and National Straw Poll Convention; 2) mobilize over 3,000 grassroots Tea Party cell groups plus millions of Tea Party backers in legislative districts nationwide, to peacefully oppose federal policies on spending, debt, taxation, law and regulation which are unsustainable, unconstitutional or simply evil; and 3) productively channel Tea Party energies which spring from an array of core values we share such as:

The U.S. Government has been borrowing 40 cents of every Federal dollar spent, saddling future generations with incredible levels of debt. We will, therefore, deploy at least 40% of any and all otherwise unrestricted receipts to The Tea Party Founders (and any of its adjunct 501(c)4 sister entities to peacefully yet insistently press government officials to correct the course of our nation.

Delegate Registration

In order to vote in the Freedom Jamboree Straw Poll, your organization must register your group and register your delegate. While there are no fees for registering a group, there is a registration fee that must be paid prior to the event to ensure that your selected delegate will be able to cast your group’s vote for the National Candidates that most represent Tea Party values.


PRESS RELEASE from Freedom Jamboree
April 21, 2011

Freedom Jamboree
is the national Tea Party event of 2011 that takes us to “Round Two” in our struggle to restore this Nation’s Constitutional principles, which continue to be ignored by our elected officials in D.C. In “Round One,” we took the House and many state legislatures as a result of our struggle.

“Round Two” has already begun with holding the line on the “national debt ceiling” as the central focus in our efforts to win this round early, with a “big government” knock-out, as we keep the pressure on House Republicans to stand firm against more debt and more spending. Freedom Jamboree seeks to educate and inform the Tea Party nationally about this issue, and to hold our elected officials to account this fall.

To be held in America’s heartland…Kansas City on September 28th through Oct. 2nd at the “Woodlands Racetrack.” The event will provide each Tea Party and 9.12 group with its own caucus area, to rally and discuss national and state candidates, legislation, or issues important to their independent groups, while enjoying national entertainers, candidates, and speakers in a county-fair tailgate party atmosphere.

Freedom Jamboree is also a national “grassroots” Tea Party and 9.12 group “nominating convention” for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States, resulting in a fifty state Tea Party “straw poll.” The convention starts at noon on Sept. 30, and ends at 8pm on Oct. 1, followed by the musical concert “FREE JAM” from 8pm until midnight. A Sunday morning worship service will take place on Sunday, Oct. 2. Early arrival begins on Sept. 28.

Freedom Jamboree is also focused on educating and activating the local Tea Party and 9.12 groups from around the country to stay involved in the current battles that are critical for the nation’s return to constitutionally limited government. The main battle we are now engaged in is the campaign to “Hold the Line on the National Debt Ceiling by the House

Please consider leading your Tea Party or 9.12 groups to participate with other groups from all fifty states, by registering online to support and attend Freedom Jamboree: September 28 – October 2, 2011 in Kansas City, KS.

Republicans.” This battle is the most important battle the Tea Party Movement has ever faced!

Check out www.freedomjamboree.com to see who we are and what we are about.

In Liberty! Fighting for our Constitution, our families, and our homeland.