Campaign Websites

A strong website is a key part of a campaign's online presence.

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(Obama for America)
(Bachmann for President)
(Friends of Herman Cain)
(Newt 2012)
(Jon Huntsman for President)
(Gary Johnson 2012)
(Fred Karger for President)
(McCotter 2012)
(Ron Paul Pres. Campaign Committee)
(Pawlenty for President)
(Buddy Roemer for President)
(Romney for President, Inc.)
(Rick Santorum for President)
(Friends of Roy Moore -exploratory)
Possible Candidate
(Rick Perry)

Possible Candidate
(Sarah Palin)

Older Grabs
(Friends of Herman Cain) Expl. Comm.
*new Cain site up approx. May 26
(Romney for Pres. Expl. Comm.)
*new Romney site up approx. June 2
(Rick Santorum Expl. Comm.)
*new Santorum site up approx. June 5
(Mitch Daniels-2008 re-elect)
ruled out
(congressional campaign)
*Bachmann holder up June 13
(aligned with Jon Huntsman)
*Huntsman site up June
(Ron Paul Pres. Campaign Committee)
initial version of site (new version June)
(Roemer 2012 Exploratory Committee)
(new site went up July 21