PRESS RELEASES from Oregon Republican Party
March 15, 2012


Portland, OR – Oregon Republican Party Chairman Allen announced today that the Oregon Republican Presidential Debate has been cancelled because commitments were not received by all candidates.
“At this point in the race, there has been a shift in the flow of the campaigns from the debate environment to a strategic state-by-state approach,” said Chairman Alley. “It is clear that the Republican Presidential Campaign has entered a new phase where the candidates do not want to debate each other,” Chairman Alley continued.
Two previously scheduled debates were also cancelled in the last month, one in Atlanta and the other at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California.
"We greatly value the partnership between Oregon Public Broadcasting, The Washington Times, along with PBS, NPR and a wide variety of broadcast partners, which would have broadcast this Debate worldwide.  We hope to work together with these superb partners at sometime in the future,” Chairman Alley concluded.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 2:30 PM PDT

Oregon Republican Party, The Washington Times, PBS, NPR, and OPB will provide unprecedented national and international coverage

Portland, OR - Oregon Republican Party Chairman Allen Alley announced today that the Republican National Committee has approved a proposal by the Oregon GOP to host a Presidential Primary debate in Portland, Oregon on Monday, March 19th, at 6:00 PM PST.

This 90-minute debate between the Republican candidates for president is offered in cooperation with the Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB), Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), NPR, and print and digital partner, The Washington Times. 

This debate will likely be the only Republican Presidential Primary debate to reach all Americans, not just those who subscribe to cable and/or satellite television services.  The 350 television stations affiliated with PBS reach 99 percent of the population of the United States, and are watched by 124 million people each month. NPR and its 270 member radio stations reach a weekly audience of over 33 million listeners. Millions more watch and listen online at and

The Oregon Republican Party-hosted debate will also have a global reach. It will be made available to Armed Forces Radio and TV, Voice of America and foreign broadcasters such as the BBC for Americans overseas. In addition, simultaneous Spanish language translations will be available to Hispanic viewers through secondary audio channels.

“By forming this unique coalition of media partners, the Oregon GOP is demonstrating the kind of leadership that Americans are looking for,” said Allen Alley, Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party. “Republicans, Democrats and Independents all have an interest in learning more about the philosophies and policies of the Republican Presidential candidates. Our media partners have an unprecedented ability to bring the debate into living rooms all over the world. 

"I am excited also that our media partners have the capability to fully utilize internet streaming technology and their distribution networks to reach Americans serving our country and doing business in every corner of the world. I cannot think of a place better suited to host this uniquely global debate than Oregon."

None of the Republican candidates are expected to have won the 1,191 delegates necessary for nomination under Republican Party rules by the March 19th event date, making this debate pivotal for a candidate to eventually win the Republican nomination.