PRESS RELEASE from the Republican National Committee

March 31, 2011

RNC Announces Committee on Presidential Debates
WASHINGTON –The Republican National Committee (RNC) Executive Committee authorized the formation of a Committee on Presidential Debates. The committee will explore whether the RNC should sanction a series of pre-nomination candidate debates to provide Republican presidential candidates another forum to educate and inform voters about their candidacy.
“With the 2012 election season approaching quickly, it is important for the RNC to help voters get to know the candidates for the Republican nomination for President of the United States,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “The Committee on Presidential Debates will help ensure that we have a strong nominating process and put us in an even better position to make Barack Obama a one-term president.”
National Committeeman Jim Bopp will serve as Chair of the RNC Committee on Presidential Debates. Below is a complete list of individuals that have been appointed by Chairman Priebus to serve on the committee which consists of six RNC members and five non-RNC members:
Members of the RNC Committee on Presidential Debates
Linda Ackerman (National Committeewoman, California)
Congressman Dick Armey (Texas)
Jim Bopp (National Committeeman, Indiana)
Al Cardenas (Florida)
Maria Cino (Virginia)
Jo Ann Davidson (National Committeewoman, Ohio)
Mike Duncan (National Committeeman, Kentucky)
Mike Grebe (Wisconsin)
Debbie Joslin (National Committeewoman, Alaska)
Tom Minnery (Colorado)
Solomon Yue (National Committeeman, Oregon)