PRESS RELEASE from South Carolina Republican Party

For Immediate Release: January 21, 2012

Contact: Matt Moore

SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly Congratulates Speaker Newt Gingrich on South Carolina Victory

Columbia, S.C.--South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Chad Connelly tonight released the following statement following Speaker Newt Gingrich's victory in the South Carolina Presidential Primary:

"Speaker Gingrich won a hard-fought victory in South Carolina. He deserves great praise," said Chairman Connelly.

"Small states still matter. Each campaign literally met thousands of voters, and I'm proud of our activists and party leaders for their enthusiasm. After a tough battle, South Carolina Republicans are now united to defeat Barack Obama.

"The 2012 primary brought huge positive attention to our state. In a tough economic climate, millions of out of state dollars boosted our economy and created many jobs. Thank you, South Carolina," concluded Connelly.