Fisch Industries, headquartered in Lindon, UT, produced chocolate- and vanilla- scented SoapHeads as well as edible ChocoHeads.

According to the advertising copy:

-Whether it's his calm and cool swagger, or his "golfer's physique" - A rare few can resist the incredibly suave President of the United States Barack Obama...Especially when he's made of chocolatey scented silky smooth soap!

-Who can resist the incredibly handsome, incredibly wealthy presidential candidate Mitt Romney? Especially when he's made of chocolatey scented silky smooth soap?!?

Get ready to wash up the White House and yourself with this incredibly detailed Obama Soap Head. Rub-a-dub-dub in the shower or the tub, use Obama everyday to wash the stink away!

Handmade in the USA! - Please note that actual product may appear slightly different from pictured image due to the hand molding process.

According to the advertising copy:

We've been daydreaming about nibbling on their ears and locking lips with these handsome smooth-talkers, and NOW YOU CAN! Get your very own Chocolate Obama or Chocolate Romney and let your troubles melt away like their mini chocolate heads do. Afterall, isn't chocolate the solution to everyones troubles? Whether you want to lovingly nibble, or voraciously bite their heads off - the Chocolate Obama & Chocolate Romney mini heads will be the ultimate gift for everyone no matter what their political affiliation.