Robocalls can be an under-the-radar way to reach voters.  However, for voters who are bombarded by calls they can be annoying.  Here are a few examples.  Others...  Let us know.


Romney: Wisconsin calls (WI, end of March/early April 2012).
Romney: Congressman Aaron Schock (IL, March 16, 2012).
Romney: Barbara Bush (OH, March 4, 2012).
Romney: Ann Romney (MI, Feb. 22, 2012).
Romney: Nikki Haley (SC, Dec. 16, 2011).

Santorum: Hank Williams, Jr. (LA, March 23, 2012).
Santorum targeting Democrats (MI, Feb. 27, 2012).

Gingrich: Chuck Norris (AL and MS, March 12, 2012).


Jews and Christians (OH, March 5, 2012; AL, MS; IL +).