2012 Democratic National Convention: Wyoming Delegates

# Delegates and 2 Alternates

delegates and alternates were elected on May 26, 2012 at the state convention in Laramie
District Level
Mary Hales
Gabrielle Kouchachacji
Erin O'Doherty
Leslie Petersen
Terri Sporkin
Jennifer Zerba
Jeran Artery
Matthew Baker
Sleeter Dover
Peter Laybourn
Kenneth McCauley
Hank Phibbs

At Large
Carl Lynn Coleman
Barbara Herz
Billy Montgomery
Kristian Young

PLEO Delegates
R.C. Johnson
Ken Esquibel

DNC Committee
Mary Hales
Mike Gireau

Unpledged (Super Delegates)
Charles Herz - Wyoming Dem. Party Chair
Jodi Guerin
Peter Jorgensen
Kathryn Session

Vickie Goodwin
Salvador Armijo

Standing Committees
Credentials - Phillip Pelkey
Rules - Henry Langstaff
Platform - Ana Cupril

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