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Activists at DNC Melt Down Over Energy CEOs and Unlimited Campaign Contributions, Disrupt Corporate Side Event


(Charlotte) On the eve of President Obama's DNC speech at the Bank of America Arena, AIDS and public interest advocates disrupted a high-profile Atlantic/National Journal DNC side event featuring energy industry CEOs and Democratic Party stalwarts like Ron Wyden (OR). The skin and clothing of several of the activists erupted at the event due to chemical reactions graphically illustrating the impact of politicians becoming beholden to corporate interests. They held a banner that said “Corporate Cash Nukes This Election / @GetTheMoneyOut” while others chanted. After the banner holders were ejected, others remained behind to ask pointed questions of the panelists, putting them on the spot about whether they would support a constitutional that reversing Citizen’s United and establishing that money is not free speech.


“Politicians in this cycle are more than ever becoming wholly owned subsidiaries of their corporate paymasters,” stated Jose DeMarco of ACT UP Philadelphia. “We demand a return to people-led elections, instead of money-driven auctions.”


The meeting is sponsored by some of the world’s most powerful companies such as American Petroleum Institute (the lobbying arm of big oil and gas companies), Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (lobbies to impose drug monopolies on impoverished nations), and multinational weapons contractor United Technologies, and underwritten by the Southern Co.—a company that is building two nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle near Augusta, GA--the first nuclear plant built from scratch in a generation.


“Nuclear energy is a great example of a technology that is too dangerous and costly to survive on it’s own in the marketplace,” stated zombie mermaid specialist Pete Tridish. “Corporate contributions to politicians is all that keeps this obsolete industry alive while they continue soaking ratepayers.”


Last week, President Obama committed publically on the Reddit electronic forum that he would support a constitutional amendment to roll back unlimited corporate campaign contributions. Activists at the DNC welcomed the President’s call, and are urging him to challenge Governor Romney to make an equivalent commitment. They are also demanding President Obama outline more details of what such an amendment should include to protect voters from corrosive effect of unlimited big money.


Jennifer Flynn, Managing Director of Health GAP, reported that President Obama can begin to end AIDS by passing a small fee on financial transactions. “With a Robin Hood Tax, already supported by France and Germany, enough funds would be available to get life saving AIDS drugs to everyone. But Wall Street traders have blocked this global solution, and 30 million people with AIDS worldwide are penalized.”


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