PRESS RELEASE from iXReveal, Inc.
May 10, 2012

Ken Knueven
Democratic National Convention security to rely on uReveal

     This year’s Democratic National Convention will take place in the city of Charlotte (NC), and uReveal will be providing cutting-edge security for the large marquee event. The Convention represents a tremendous economic boom for Charlotte, but along with it comes the need for robust security to ensure things go smoothly. It is this security requirement that prompted the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) to choose uReveal in a competitive bid process as the best technology to meet their analytical needs.

     uReveal will be used to allow analysts and investigators to effectively monitor and prepare for any threats to the event. They can scan for, be alerted to, and find and analyze almost anything that poses a danger to the event or city across disparate documents and data. uReveal’s scope will be broad and robust, monitoring and analyzing news websites, social media and other web resources. And this will be done in harmony with internally generated crime and intelligence data without the complex and costly database processes and support that this effort traditionally requires. Users will be empowered with a fast, flexible platform that provides a better, more complete data picture for the duration of the event, while requiring less time and technical support.

     Beyond the Convention, the CMPD is already looking forward to greatly expanding their ability to leverage uReveal for day to day operations, including investigations, intelligence-gathering, and problem-solving to help ensure public safety for more than 800,000 citizens.

About IxReveal

     IxReveal’s uReveal platform is a patented, revolutionary approach to harmonizing and analyzing data from disparate sources regardless of type, structure, location, or even quality. It empowers end users by allowing even non-technical individuals to find, define, collaborate upon, and analyze anything they need in ways once assumed unrealistic. By bypassing costly traditional database processes and technical support in empowering the users, uReveal saves substantial time, energy, and costs.

     Clients include leading multinational corporations, financial institutions, law-enforcement agencies, homeland security agencies, universities, health organizations, and other major federal agencies with data-intensive mandates. For more information about IxReveal, visit