Details of 2012 Voter Registration and Mobilization Efforts

updated Oct. 1, 2012  suggestions welcome

U.S. Chamber Launches (10/01/12)

New Data Confirms Military Voting in 2012 Set for Record Low (10/01/12)

National Urban League Announces 40-Day Get-Out-The-Vote Drive (09/27/12)

The Internet Public Mobilizes to Register Voters (09/25/12)

Rock the Vote Aims to Make History on National Voter Registration Day (09/25/12)

Brennan Center for Justice/Rock the Vote: New Student Voting Guide, Registration Drives To Empower Young Voters (09/12/12)

Gessler launches largest voter registration initiative in Colorado history (09/04/12)

[MI SOS] The 2012 "ExpressSOS" Voter Registration Drive to kick off Aug. 28 (08/24/12) plus Secretary of State Ruth Johnson in Middle East to help remove election barriers for service men and women (09/13/12)

Military Voter Protection Project: New Report: Military Voters Will Be Disenfranchised on Election Day Without Immediate Action (08/21/12)

Rock the Vote: Announces Road Trip 2012 (08/15/12)  Announces "We Will" Campaign to Empower Young People to Register and Vote in 2012 (08/20/12)

CWA Announces She Votes 2012 Bus Tour to Roll through North Carolina, Virginia, Montana, and North Dakota (07/30/12)

Voter Participation Center: Statement from Page Gardner Concerning Romney for President’s request in Virginia (07/25/12)

National Urban League Report Shows African-Americans Achieved Near-Parity in Voting Power for the First Time in 2008 (07/17/12)

Rock the Vote Debuts Direct Online Voter Registration Submission with Washington State (07/16/12)

National Organizations Announce Record Latino Voter Mobilization Effort (06/28/12)

Concerned Women for America Launches "She Votes 2012" (06/12/12)

League of Women Voters and Rock the Vote Announce Resumption of Voter Registration in Florida (06/06/12)

Rock the Vote Launches Largest Non-Partisan Voter Registration Drive of the 2012 General Election (05/02/12)

NAMI Launches "Mental Health Care Gets My Vote" (05/02/12)

Voto Latino (overview rec'd 04/12)

GOPAC Education Fund Aims to Boost Citizen Participation in 2012 (04/23/12)

National Council of La Raza Launches National Mobilize to Vote Campaign (03/22/12) and Florida Campaigns (04/17 and 04/19/12)

New Campaign Launched to Increase Student Participation in Elections (02/08/12)

Family Research Council, The Heritage Foundation, Gov. Nikki Haley Join Together for 'Values Voter Bus' Rally in Charleston Tour Opener (01/19/12) 

SVREP announces nonpartisan campaign to raise Latino voting in Texas to 2 million in 2012 (04/26/11)