On September 20 Rep. Michele Bachmann visited the Amend Packing Company in Des Moines, Iowa.  Amend ("Quality Beef Since 1869") is a family run business owned by Amy and Kent Wiese; according to its website they process 15-20 head of cattle per week.  During her visit, Bachmann walked among beef carcasses, cut ribeye steaks, spoke against over regulation and also read a statement on Iranian President Ahmadinejad.  One week earlier the USDA announced expanded testing for E. coli, a move opposed by the meat industry (+).  According to news accounts, Bachmann did not address specific regulations but stated, "We want to have safety.  But we also want to have common sense."  While cutting the steaks she noted that her grandfather had owned a meat market in Northeast Iowa.  

Not surprisingly some in the news media had a bit of fun with the event.  Sample headines on the web included:

USA Today - "Bachmann has a beef with government rules"

ABC News 'The Note' - "Bachmann’s Meaty Moment on the Campaign Trail" 

NBC News 'First Read' - "Where's the beef? Bachmann holds event at beef company in IA"

Also, HuffPost featured a photo of Bachmann walking an aisle of beef carcasses, inviting readers to "CAPTION THIS: Michele Bachmann's Meat & Greet?"