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The former CEO of Godfather's Pizza ought to know something about pizza.  In an April 27, 2011 interview with Democracy in Action, exploratory presidential candidate Herman Cain talked about how he brought the company back from near bankruptcy and offered other observations on quick service food:

I got back to basics.  They had made the operations too complex, they had made the marketing too complex, they had added too many things to the menu.  We got back to basics.  And that was eliminating three different varieties of crust that we had, and getting back to the basic Godfather's Pizza crust, make sure we put those top quality Godfather's Pizza ingredients.  And when you simplify your menu, you simplify your operations and you make it easier for people to make the pizza right every time.  We got back to basics.  I called it focus, focus, focus.  That was the key. 

And I'm going to apply that same principle as President of the United States.  We've gotten away from the Constitution, we've gotten away from limited government.  How about let's go back to limited government; the same approach.  more

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Punsters have had some fun with Cain's candidacy as these comments from Gawker.com 21 May 2011 3:30 PM indicate:

Pickled promoted by SaraRueful

A pizza mogul running for president?  I never sausage a thing!

TheGreat Gazoo promoted by onebadclam

There's mush room for him in the GOP tent, but he'll be peppered with questions.


Cheeses!  What a bad pun.


@Pickled: He'll never raise enough dough to win.  I predict he'll last 30 minutes or less in the primaries.