There are a lot of news organizations on the campaign trail, some big and some small, some with a serious news focus and others taking more of a pop culture angle.  Glittarazzi ("where pop meets power") is decidedly in the latter category.  It is a DC-based gossip website focusing on "news trends, pop politics, celebrity activism -- and what's hot in our nation's capital."  In July 2011 a Glittarazzi team made a trip to Iowa "investigating the straw poll and finding 'real America.'"  During the trip they covered the 4th of July parade in Clear Lake, visited and rated the campaign headquarters, and interviewed several of the candidates.  Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty shared his insights on Lady Gaga.  On July 7 at Iowa Central Community College in Ft. Dodge they caught up with former Sen. Rick Santorum, who addressed, among other topics, a weakness for ice cream. >

Co-founder Ali Lewis, blogger Nicole Capo and founder/editor-in-chief Kelly Ann Collins interview former Sen. Rick Santorum.

Santorum: ...I'm addicted to ice cream, and so any time I get a chance to go by Le Mars, I go by Le Mars which is—  So any time in Western Iowa is there some space we can go by the Blue Bunny parlor there?  So I think I was the first politician, presidential politician who went to the new parlor.  I don't know if you knew this; they opened up a brand new ice cream parlor there and shut down the old one in Le Mars...  If you know that's where the largest ice cream factory is in the world is in Le Mars.  I also found out...

[tells interesting story about Le Mars]

Kelly Ann: What's your favorite flavor, since we're on that...?

Santorum: You cannot produce a dark enough chocolate for me not to like.  The darkest chocolate ice cream in the world is—  I just love chocolate, and chocolate ice cream is it.

Reporters: Good choice...  Anti-oxidants...

Santorum: Good, anti-oxidants, health food.

*   *   *

Ed. Note: To be more precise, according to the company website, Blue Bunny is "the largest family-owned and operated ice cream manufacturer in the United States."