Mike Vandenbos and Ian Wilson, two Ron Paul supporters from Seattle, introduced the Ron Paul bar (www.ronpaulbar.com) in December 2011.  According to the promotional copy on their website, the chocolate bar can be used as an advocacy tool "to spread the sweet taste of Liberty to friends, family, and co workers."  The copy even suggests the bar may be useful in persuading Romney supporters at the convention.  Available in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate, three bars cost $9.99 and discounts are available for large quantities.

Promotional Copy:

2 Flavors, available in both Original Milk & Dark Chocolate

100% Premium Milk or Dark Chocolate
Measuring in at 2" x 5" and weighin1.25 oz

An Advocacy Tool
, use Ron Paul Bar to spread the sweat taste of Liberty to friends, family, and co workers

Ron Paul Bar was founded by two Ron Paul supporters who believe that Ron Paul is truly the Champion of the Constitution and still can become the Republican candidate nominee for the 45th President of the United States of America. For those power campaigners wanting to use the Ron Paul Bar as a secret weapon to persuade the Romney delegates at the RNC, bulk purchases of over 500 or more bars will receive a deep discount...