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In November 2011 the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee issued a "Ron Paul Family Cookbook" containing "28 pages of recipes to warm your kitchen and your heart."  The booklet can be obtained from the campaign's website for $8 each or $2.50 for one hundred or more.  Paul's congressional campaign committee has issued a number of editions of cookbooks over the years.


The cookbook received a bit of attention from media and bloggers.  For example, New York magazine's "Daily Intel" produced a parody page weaving in references to Paul's libertarian views.  Wayne Slater, reporter at DallasNews.com, termed it "Easily the best piece of campaign propaganda this year in Iowa."  Libby Copeland, in a review for Slate, wrote the recipes "hail from a time before the obesity crisis and talk of good fats and bad fats, before such terms as organic, locavore, or even low-fat existed."