Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) announced his candidacy at Exeter Town Hall in Exeter, NH on May 13, 2011 in a speech that covered subjects ranging from drug policy to foreign policy and lasted about 38 minutes; Paul emphasized the theme of "promoting individual liberty in this country."  In the speech he made a very brief mention of the question of unpasteurized milk.  Paul's remarks on this were almost an aside and didn't attract any attention, but they highlight a subject of some controversy.

"And I don't know what's so bad about getting the federal government out of the business of regulating unpasteurized milk.  Now that's a real radical step."

"...what I don't like is when government makes the decisions and it violates the principles of liberty, it's a blanket decision, it affects us in everything that we do to the point where you don't even know if you're allowed to drink the milk that you can buy from your neighbor farmer."

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