On December 17, 2011 during a two-and-a-half week bus tour around Iowa leading up to the January 3 caucuses, Gov. Rick Perry made a stop at Cabin Coffee Company in Clear Lake.  The owner there had prepared a special "Freedom & Liberty Blend."

   Photo courtesy Mike Dec/4president.org

Cabin Coffee Co. owner Brad Barber tells the story behind the special blend in an Dec. 18 email:

"A couple weeks before Governor Perry’s arrival to Cabin Coffee in Clear Lake, Iowa, Gabe Haugland, who is the area director for Perry’s campaign, wanted to do something special.  Gabe thought of the idea of having Governor Perry’s own fresh roasted coffee.  Gabe heard that one  of Governor Perry’s favorite boots were called the Liberty and Freedom.  Gabe emailed us the Perry for President Logo and our Master Roaster Melissa Dorame produced a label and created a special blend of coffees. The coffee blend incudes coffee from Central and South America. 

"Flavor characteristics:  Medium Dark Roast, Rich and smooth, medium bodied, sparkling acidity with Smokey undertones.

"We have received emails and phone calls from all over asking and ordering the coffee.  The coffee is 13.50 per pound.

 "While visiting with Governor Perry he shared with us how much he values the Boy Scouts.  Therefore Cabin Coffee elected that all profits go to the local Boy Scouts."