On May 21, 2011 exploratory candidate former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) visited Columbia, SC, making a stop at Farm Boys Barbeque in Chapin and meeting with small business owners at Meetze Plumbing in Irmo.

                                                                                                                            Photo tweeted by Andrea Saul

CNN political reporter Peter Hamby described the scene thusly,

"Romney and his staff stopped by an area barbecue joint on the way into town and brought trays of pulled pork, hushpuppies and jugs of iced tea for the audience."

And, the AP reported,

"He made his first trip to the state since forming a presidential exploratory committee, plying a crowd with mustard-based barbecue and boiled peanuts...

"If nothing else, the mustard-based barbecue was a bold choice in a state with loyalties split mostly between mustard- and vinegar-based concoctions."