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The health care reform legislation former Gov. Mitt Romney signed into law on April 12, 2006 is seen as one of his biggest liabilities among Republican primary voters, and Democrats enjoyed making a few pokes on the issue as well.  To mark the fifth anniversary of the law, April 12, 2011, Democratic parties in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Iowa organized events featuring cakes to thank Romney.  (more)

Photos courtesy Massachusetts Democratic Party (top), New Hampshire Democratic Party (center), Iowa Democratic Party (bottom).

According to the NHDP press release, "Much like those who brought their collective wisdom together to found our country and experiment with early forms of Democracy, Mitt Romney is nothing short of a founding father of modern health reform – a person who has left an indelible mark on Massachusetts' health care reform as well as the national health reform law and its major elements, including the individual responsibility provision which is critical to making the law work and lowering costs for all who enter the system."