On November 26, 2010, former Gov. Mitt Romney, a leading presidential prospect, tweeted a photo of himself doing dishes: "On Thanksgiving, guess who pulled dish duty? http://twitpic.com/3afnrw

The image generated four comments. ThomasSSchmitz wrote, "Glad you helped Ann W/ the Thanksgiving dishes. But I'm still voting for @TaraOx08, commented, "Haha! That's awesome, I got stuck with the dishes too :)"  NathanPetty wrote, "Mitt, I knew you were the man, but this picture 100% solidified it."  And cape_codder wrote, "Good job! I'm sure it was much appreciated. I hate that part!"

Others took a more cynical view.  For example on The Stranger ("Seattle's only newspaper ") Paul Conant wrote on the Slog blog that the photo showed Romney "pretending to know how to wash dishes for a second."  Writer "spoileralert" commented that it "looks like romney waited for the ladies to finish up 99.7% of the cleaning, then jumped in for the photo opp."  "christampa" opined, "It's clear he has no idea how to wash that baking sheet, though. Also, dress shirt and jeans? Way to be business casual with the family."