Food is an important part of the attendee experience at the Iowa Straw Poll in Ames.  Noteworthy examples include the refreshing watermelons brought in by the Huckabee campaign for the 2007 Straw Poll and Maurice's BBQ from South Carolina provided by the Buchanan campaign at the 1999 Straw Poll.  Here are the offerings for the Aug. 13, 2011 Straw Poll:

Meat sundaes, described as, "Mashed potatoes with brown gravy that looks like chocolate, with a cherry tomato on top."


Ellen Carmichael Aug. 4 tweet: @THEHermanCain announced on @SeanHannity's radio program that we will be giving out Godfather's Pizza at Ames.

Wells Blue Bunny® ice cream (bomb pops).


"Chef Ken Dunn, from The Hilton Gardens, has put together a great menu for us. We’ll be serving cherry smoked pulled pork sandwiches on freshly baked ciabatta rolls, roasted sweet corn on the cob, baked beans, and Chef Dunn’s famous sour cream dill potato salad.  He is a fabulous baker and will be serving an assortment of cookies, brownies and dessert bars, with iced tea and fresh squeezed lemonade.

"Veterans for Ron Paul will be grilling up hot dogs and serving chips, soft drinks, water, and juice boxes for the kids, at their booth.

 "Come hungry!"


"Famous Dave's BBQ will provide meals, and the campaign will offer Dairy Queen Blizzards."


"...the Santorums will be offering straw poll attendees Iowa pork burgers for lunch.  To add a little touch of home, the Santorums will be handing out samples of their homemade "Presidential Peach Preserves" to all guests.  Prior to traveling to Iowa, the Santorum's picked over 600 peaches from their family's peach trees, peeled them, and made jam for all attendees to enjoy. The Santorum children will be handing out samples to attendees."