Among the many videos posted on the Jon Huntsman for President website at the launch of the campaign on June 21, 2011 was one titled "Jon's Favorite Foods," in which he talks about his love of street food.

"Well it isn't just taco stands, I love street food, and I think I developed that living in the Third World in developing countries, because street food is so fresh and it's so good and it's so cheap. 

"And as governor there was a taco stand on State Street in Salt Lake City that was a favorite of mine.  I used to buzz down there for lunch, in some cases rounding up staff members and having spontaneous staff meetings on the concrete sidewalk right adjacent to the taco stand and I'm sure that there were many people driving down State Street at noon who would look over and see the governor there eating a 50-cent taco having a staff meeting, wondering what on earth was happening to their state.

"But it may have originated growing up in Studio City, California, where I lived not far from a place called Henry's Taco Stand.  And when my dad would invite us to Henry's Taco Stand back in the mid- to late-60's that was the ultimate escape for us kids to go to Henry's because the food was typical street food, but probably the first of its kind in America.  There weren't a lot of taco shacks like that I think anywhere in America in the 60's, but there was Henry's, and Henry's is still around after all these years.  I think it started in the early 60's.  And I've actually dragged my family back there driving halfway across the state of California just for a Henry's burrito.  But that's probably where my addiction started."

Henry's Taco Stand is also mentioned in the "About Jon" launch video:

"Jon's favorite place to eat there, a two-hour drive north to Henry's Taco Stand in L.A.."

More generally in that video the narrator describes him as:

"The dad who won't make dinner reservations because his favorite restaurant carts don't take them.  Mary Kaye has mentioned she'd like to eat somewhere nice someday, but that day seems yet to arrive."

And in the launch video "Different" the narrator states that Huntsman:

"Prefers a greasy spoon to a linen tablecloth."

On an unrelated food point, "About Jon" also notes that:

"His family sees the world's best pancake chef, who makes a mean egg-white omelet."

>Screen grabs above are from Jon Huntsman for President campaign videos.