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Potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made a big splash with his appearance at CPAC on Feb. 10, 2011.  Shortly thereafter he began issuing a series of "From the Desk of Donald Trump" web videos, in which he talked about everything from to Iran, Iraq and oil to 405 freeway in Los Angeles generally for one to three minutes.  Among the subjects he addressed in his April 7 video was the question of what he has for breakfast.

"So many people are tweeting about what do I have for breakfast?  Now, sometimes I'll skip breakfast.  I actually like skipping breakfast because like everyone else, you always fight the weight.  You fight and fight and fight.  So sometimes I'll skip breakfast.  But usually when I have breakfast, I may be on that all protein where you have bacon and eggs.  I'm not sure if that's a good diet, but for me it works a little bit.  But I really love cereal.  I would love to have cereal.  The other thing I love, more than just about anything are waffles when they're done properly with butter and syrup.  There's nothing better than properly done waffles with butter and syrup all over them."