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Friends of Herman Cain (Cain's presidential exploratory committee) produced a March 24, 2011 web video in which he told a story about growing up in the segregated South:

"...We were at the bargain basement at the department store one day, and my mom was looking on the rack to find some stuff for us, and we went over to, we asked if we could go get some water.  She said, yes.  And mom specifically said, now y'all make sure you drink out of the colored fountain.

Being typical young boys, we got over there and looked at those two water fountains, and we kind of looked around, and we kind of went hmmm, nobody's looking.  And so my brother went first while I stayed on the look out, to sip the white, to sip the white water.  Then he was on the look out while I sipped the white water.  And then we both sipped the colored water.  And we looked at each other.  The water tastes the same..."