Gathering under the theme of "A Better Future," Republicans convened in Tampa to formally nominate the Romney-Ryan ticket.  Countless hours of preparations went into the week.  Back on May 12, 2010 the Republican National Committee announced that its Site Selection Committee had voted to recommend Tampa-St. Petersburg to host its 2012 convention; the full RNC approved the selection on Aug. 6, 2010 (+).  The RNC Committee on Arrangements started work in 2011 to prepare for the gathering of 2,286 delegates.  The Tampa Bay Host Committee, Inc. was also busy, raising contributions totaling $55.6 million; these included 19 contributions of $1 million or more topped by $5 million from Las Vegas Sands Corp. CEO Sheldon Adelson, $3 million from local Marketing Solution Publications and $2 million from the America Petroleum Institute.  The committee made disbursements of $53.2 million.  The RNC Committee on Resolutions (Platform Committee) developed the party platform. 

The best laid plans of mice and men are no match for Mother Nature however.  In the days leading up to the convention Tropical Storm Isaac threatened to hit Tampa.  The city was under tropical storm warning and hurricane watch and planners made changes to the convention schedule, nixing the program for the first day (+), but the storm edged away to the West.

Some 70,000 people gathered in the Tampa area for the Convention.  In addition to the official activities, Republican, conservative and allied groups organized hundreds of events, receptions, forums and parties.  Democrats set up a counter-convention presence.  (Vice President Joe Biden had even been scheduled to be in Tampa for a couple of events but cancelled "due to disaster preparedness and security concerns.")  It would not be a convention without protests; a big march occurred on Aug. 27, and other protests were coordinated under the resistRNC banner.  Despite concerns of trouble, there were only two arrests, and delegates did not see much of the protesters.  Both conventions are designated National Special Security Events and dozens of law enforcement agencies coordinated on security operations.  Fifteen thousand media representatives covered the activity (1, 2, 3).  Although many Ron Paul supporters would argue (1a, 1b [jpgs], 2, 3, 4), when the delegates headed home, Republicans could be pleased with what appeared to be a generally successful convention.

A pre-convention analysis by Jones Lang LsSalle put the total economic impact of the convention on Tampa conservatively at $153.56 million (+).  A post-convention study done for the Host Committee by Brian T. Kench, Ph.D. of the Sykes College of Business put the direct economic impact at $214.15 million; this figure includes $125.35 million for regional infrastructure upgrades (PDF).

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 More Useful Links
Tampa Bay Times (Tampa Tribune)

Temporary Ordinance 2012-56 [PDF]

City of St. Petersburg

State Delegation Pages
CA | IN | WI [PDF]


Revised Convention Program Highlights
"A Better Future" (press release)
Mon., August 27
"We Can Do Better"
Tues., August 28
"We Built It"
Wed., August 29
"We Can Change It"
Thurs., August 30
"We Believe in America"
2:00 pm to 2:10 pm
2:00 pm to 11:00 pm 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm
7:00 pm to 11:00 pm
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus
Call to Order/Start Debt Clocks

Announcement of Recess
Roll Call for Nomination of President
Roll Call for Nomination of VP

Speaker John Boehner
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus
House Candidate Mayor Mia Love
Janine Turner
Former Sen. Rick Santorum (PA)
Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA)

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH)
Gov. John Kasich (OH)
Gov. Mary Fallin (OK)
Gov. Bob McDonnell (VA)
Gov. Scott Walker (WI)

Gov. Brian Sandoval (NV)
Lt.Gov. Cand. Sher Valenzuela (DE)
Senate Candidate Ted Cruz (TX)

Former Rep. Artur Davis (D-AL)
Gov. Nikki Haley (SC)

Mrs. Lucé Vela Fortuño
Mrs. Ann Romney

Keynote Address
Gov. Chris Christie (NJ)
Ron Paul Video
Sen. Leader Mitch McConnell (KY)
Sen Rand Paul (KY)

Sen. John McCain (AZ)
AGs Pam Bondi (FL) and Sam Olens (GA)
Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA)
Sen. John Thune (SD)
Sen. Rob Portman (OH)

Gov. Luis Fortuño (PR)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty (MN)
Bush 41, 43 Film
Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (AR)

Condoleezza Rice
Gov. Susana Martinez (NM)
VP nominee Rep. Paul Ryan

Senate Candidate U.S. Rep. Connie Mack (FL)
Reagan Legacy Video
Newt and Callista Gingrich
Craig Romney

Former Gov. Jeb Bush (FL)
Bob White, chairman of Romney for President
Grant Bennett
Tom Stemberg

Former Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey (MA)
Former MA Sec. of Workforce Jane Edmonds
Olympians Michael Eruzione, Derek Parra and Kim Rhode

Mystery Guest Clint Eastwood
Sen. Marco Rubio (FL)
Acceptance Speech
Presidential nominee former Gov. Mitt Romney

minute by minute

  August 20-24

Selected Press Releases
speaker press releases: Aug. 6 | Aug. 7 | Aug. 12 | Aug. 14a | Aug. 14b | Aug. 16 | Aug. 23
Aug. 27, 2012 - Convention to Start Second Debt Clock Inside Tampa Bay Times Forum

Aug. 24, 2012 - GOP Convention Announces Entertainment Lineup

Aug. 23, 2012 - Statements Regarding Convention Planning

Aug. 20, 2012 - RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Unveils Final Convention Stage  + "A Better Future" Stage/Podium Facts & Figures

Aug. 18, 2012 - Former Speaker Newt Gingrich to Host Policy Classes for Delegates

Aug. 17, 2012 - 2012 Republican National Convention and Tampa Bay Host Committee Launch Joint Mobile Application

Aug. 16, 2012 - For Republicans, a "Convention Without Walls"

July 16, 2012 -
GOP Convention Moves Into Tampa Bay Times Forum

April 30, 2012 -
Republican Convention Delegations Receive Tampa Bay Area Hotel Assignments

Oct. 18, 2011 - 2012 Republican National Convention Logo Unveiled

Romney for President
Aug. 24, 2012 - Romney Campaign Drives Innovation with Convention-Wide Use of Square

Aug. 24, 2012 - Weekend Memo - Convention and Momentum

Tampa Bay Host Committee +
Aug. 31, 2012 - 2012 Tampa Bay Host Committee for the Republican National Convention Successfully Wraps Up Convention Week

Aug. 16, 2012 - Tampa Bay Host Committee for the Republican National Convention Announces Lineup for Economic Development Series with Bloomberg

Aug. 14, 2012 - 2012 Tampa Bay Host Committee for the Republican National Convention Announces Featured Entertainment and Guest Performances for The Welcome Event

June 25, 2012 -
2012 Tampa Bay Host Committee to Host Largest Welcome Event in the History of the Republican National Convention

More Official

July 25, 2012 - City of Tampa: Mayor Bob Buckhorn to Host Town Hall Meetings on the Republican National Convention

July 23, 2012 - security agencies: Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies Announce Security Restrictions and Transportation Plan for the 2012 Republican National Convention [PDF]

June 26, 2012 - City of Tampa: City of Tampa Announces Public Viewing Areas and Official Parade Route for the RNC  | ResistRNC response

June 21, 2012 - Tampa Police: Tampa Police and Hillsborough County Sheriff Finalizing RNC Security Force

More [send to action08 at gmail] 
Aug. 31, 2012 - Log Cabin Republicans: Log Cabin Republicans Make Our Mark at the Republican National Convention

Aug. 30, 2012 - Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies: Joint Center Reports on African American Voters and the Republican Party

Aug. 27, 2012 - DC Vote: "Abraham Lincoln" Takes DC Democracy Message to GOP Delegates

Aug. 24, 2012 - Rick Santorum: Rick Santorum Releases Delegates in Support of Romney-Ryan

Aug. 23, 201 - US Fleet Tracking: US Fleet Tracking and SP Plus Gameday Move More Than Vehicles at Republican National Convention

Aug. 23, 2012 - Delegates Are Not So Sure That Tampa Will Be Fair Play

Aug. 23, 2012 - Rights Equal Rights: Karger to Tampa – Will Attend GOP Convention

Aug. 22, 2012 - America's Natural Gas Alliance: ANGA Provides Transportation Fueled by American Natural Gas for Republican National Convention

Aug. 21, 2012 - Newt 2012: An Open Letter to Delegates to the Republican National Convention

Aug. 21, 2012 - Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee: Ron Paul Pre-RNC Event to Assemble Champions of Constitutional Conservatism

Aug. 19, 2012 - Occupy Tampa: Occupy Tampa’s Official Statement Regarding the RNC

Aug. 9, 2012 - YG Network: YG Network Unveils ‘Woman Up!’ Pavilion at Republican National Convention in Tampa

April 17, 27, and May 4, 2012 - ResistRNC: inital releases on City of Tampa protest ordinance

April 5, 2012 - National Lawyers Guild: National Lawyers Guild warns Tampa over rash RNC protest ordinance

March 29, 2012 - Outdoor Arts Foundation: Herd About Tampa Bay-Call to Artists

More (Both Conventions)
Aug. 24, 2012 - Doctors for America: Patients Over Politics Tour Hits Both Conventions: Doctors and Patients Stand Up for Health Reform

Aug. 23, 2012 - Freedom from Religion Foundation: FFRF brings election-year caveat to RNC, DNC

Aug. 15, 2012 - Facebook: Making Political Conventions More Social

Aug. 14, 2012 - Humana: Pedaling Toward Better Health: Humana to Provide Freewheelin Pedal Buses at 2012 Republican
and Democratic National Conventions

Aug. 7, 2012 - Sears Holdings: The Craftsman Brand, Heroes At Home, Rebuilding Together, NextGen Home by Champion, Bank of America and Ty Pennington to Build a House for a Military Veteran during the Democratic and Republican National Conventions

More Events
There were hundreds of events tied in with the convention ranging from business meetings to parties and receptions.  Lists can be found at The Hill and POLITICO [PDF] and for progressive events at Progress Florida.  Here are a few examples: American Conservative Union  |  Americans for Prosperity  |  APIAVote  |  Citizens United  |  Creative Coalition  |  Dogs Against Romney  |  FRC Action  |  Friends of Connie Mack and Mack Victory Committee  |  GOProud  |  Log Cabin Republicans  |  Musicians on Call  |  National Federation of Republican Women [PDF]  |  Patriot Voices  |  RATE Coalition  |  Republican Jewish Coalition  |  Republican National Lawyers Association  |  Rock the Vote  |  Susan B. Anthony List et al.  Many events were invitation only, and Monday events in particular were subject to change.

Media Coverage

"An estimated 10 billion media impressions of Tampa Bay will be made during the RNC by the more than 15,000 members of the local, national and international media."

- City of Tampa Ordinance No. 2012-56


Delegates-A Sampling of the Delegations