2012 Republican National Convention: Maryland Delegates

37 Delegates and 34 Alternates

April 3:                    Presidential Primary 
April 24:                  Spring Convention at Solomons Holiday Inn Convention Center and Marina
MDGOP Press Release

Alex K. Mooney

National Committeewoman

Louis Pope

National Committeeman
Nicolee Ambrose

elected April 24, 2012
At Large Delegates
The Honorable Ellen Sauerbrey
Del. Tony O'Donnell - House Minority Leader
Sen. EJ Pipkin - Senate Minority Leader
County Executive David Craig
Diana Waterman
Delegate Kelly Schulz
Larry Helminiak
Delegate Kathy Szeliga
Delegate Michael Smigiel
Ruth Umbel
At Large Alternates
John Wafer
Gloria Murphy
Delegate Jeanne Haddaway-Riccio
John Fiastro
O.P. Ditch
Robin Bissett
Delegate Steve Hershey
County Councilman Jerry Walker - Anne Arundel
Deborah Rey
James Calderwood

elected April 3, 2012
CD Delegates
Congressional District 1
Joseph M. Getty
Audrey E. Scott
Adelaide "Addie" Eckardt

Congressional District 2
Stephen Kolbe
Al Redmer Jr.,
William J. Frank

Congressional District 3
Greg Fox
Steve Schuh
John Cluster

Congressional District 4
Chuck Gast
Nicholaus R. Kipke
Bryan W. Simonaire

Congressional District 5
Kevin Igoe
Charles Lollar
Kirk W. Bowie

Congressional District 6
Michael Hough
Brenda Butscher
Ignacio E. Sanchez

Congressional District 7
Chris Cavey
Brian Harlin
Allan H. Kittleman

Congressional District 8
Kathy Afzali
Chairman Mark Uncapher
Howard Allen Denis
CD Alternates
Congressional District 1
Andi Morony
Bonnie N. Luna
Michael J. Pappas

Congressional District 2

Joan Wood
Steve Dishon
J. Michael Collins

Congressional District 3
Joyce Pope
Jamie Falcon
Marc Samuel Soloweszyk

Congressional District 4
JoAnn Fisher
Eric Grannon
Terry R. Gilleland Jr.

Congressional District 5
R. Christopher Rosenthal
Cathy Sue Bunge
Mary Burke-Russell

Congressional District 6
C. Paul Smith
Marilee E. Kerns
Josephine J. Wang

Congressional District 7
Ann Miller
Dave Myers
Loretta H. Shields

Congressional District 8
Lee Cowen
Mary C. Rolle
Martha Schaerr