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August 23, 2012                                                                     

Karger to Tampa – Will Attend GOP Convention
Strongly Opposed to GOP Platform

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – After a week in New England, former Republican Presidential candidate Fred Karger will head to Florida this Saturday, August 25th.  This will be Karger’s 10th GOP National Convention beginning in Miami Beach back in 1972.  Fred went to 9 in a row, but not the last one in 2008.
Republican Party Platform – Big Mistake
It looked like Mitt Romney was not going to allow the usual gay bashing in this year’s Republican Party platform, but that turned out to be wishful thinking.  Now Family Research Council head Tony Perkins is bragging about writing the plank that continues to demonize millions of LGBT Americans.  The platform once again calls for a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality and oppose the Obama administration's decision not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act. 

Prominent on the GOP platform committee was former National Organization of Marriage (NOM) lead attorney James Bopp.  Bopp handled NOM'S myriad of law suits to keep its donors secret, before NOM set up an in-house law firm.

“l will be speaking out in Tampa against Perkins and Bopp and the anti-equality, anti-woman language in this year's GOP Platform,“ said Karger.  “These third party hate groups are wielding way too much power and are driving away an entire generation of Republicans.”

Amway – Orlando Magic Boycott
Three weeks ago Karger announced a global boycott of all the companies and holdings of Amway owner’s, the DeVos family.  Amway president Doug DeVos contributed $500,000 to the National Organization for Marriage (NOM is the leading anti-gay marriage organization in the country).  Check out our Boycott Amway web site: CLICK HERE.

Fred will be meeting with allies and supporters in the Orlando area regarding upcoming boycott plans against the Orlando Magic NBA basketball team, which is also owned by the DeVos family. 
“We have conducted four previous boycotts of donors who contributed $100,000 or more to pass Proposition 8, and we settled two.  We've never boycotted a professional sports team before, but feel there are strong reasons to do so and with an 82 game season, ample opportunities to get our message out."
We have already received significant initial support for taking on all the DeVos family holdings.  These include all Amway products and those of its parent Alticor, which include the 26 car dealerships of the DeVos-owned Fox Automotive Group, all Amway Hotels including the J W Marriott and Marriott Courtyard in Grand Rapids, Michigan and RDV Sportsplex and MVP Sports Clubs in Michigan and Florida.

NOTE: Orlando Magic owner Rich DeVos gave $100,000 in 2008 to pass Florida’s Amendment 2 to ban gay marriage in that state.

Karger’s Availability in Tampa
Anyone interested in contacting or interviewing Fred, let Brian Wilson know @ 949-500-6109 or

Fred will be in the Tampa – Orlando region from Saturday, August 25th to Friday, August 31st.