June 26, 2012

Response to Parade Route and Public Viewing Area

While the City of Tampa has released the location of the detention areas along with the route that corral people  into them, indicated by purple and green lines on their map, we would like to say that we intend to use the white portions of the map instead.  And that does not stop at the boundaries of the map.

The  visitors coming without a ticket to the RNC, that the government warns the public about, such as anarchists, demonstrators, activists and even the feared Black Bloc are coming to speak out against war, promote the environment and an economy that works for everyone. They are coming to fight for the people of the nation and the world. They all know what the game is and they are here to fight for what is right. And the community should embrace them. They are doing what the rest only talk about on Facebook or with their closest friends.

The City of Tampa was given the opportunity to work with its residents, to find a solution which demonstrates cooperation and compromise in a democracy. Instead they signed onto the agenda of the federal government by designing a battle plan which is used to justify the installation of a nationwide surveillance state.

This is the propaganda of war. All warfare is based on deception, and the federal government is lying to its people. The City of Tampa was given $50 Million by the federal government to help them accomplish this.

It is events like these that the true face of our government is revealed.

St. Petersburg now has the same opportunity squandered by Tampa. With the opening ceremonies at Tropicana Field, officials of St. Petersburg has a choice. They can continue the failed strategies of the past hosts of National Special Security Events that Tampa followed by buying into the propaganda of the federal government, or they can talk with the people and discover solutions as a community.

St Petersburg has a more active community than Tampa. In fact a coalition has been formed to address alternatives to the handling of RNC related issues.  We urge the St. Petersburg City Officials to work with this coalition and do what Tampa was too afraid to do.

Work with your community.